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  1. I agree the tank looks great i wish i had found a centre piece like that... Grant
  2. Wow it brings back soo many good mermories of my monster which hit 55cm and then killed his female!!! Hes living in a 10x3x3 with other large americans... They have the best personality! Thanks for sharing these great photo's
  3. Hopefully they work its my first time at posting some pictures.. Plus i wouldnt call myself a photograher! haha.. Anyways Hope you like... Cheers Grant
  4. I hope sooo they are a great little fish.. I would like to make a small comunity of them that would look great! The smaller male i think is showing abit of agression and the larger female seems to stay in the pot alot.. Cross fingers!!! Cheers Grant
  5. I have just recently brought a pair and was just after some advise on how to breed them.. They are in a standard 6fter with about 15 Small Moba' Fronnies and a pair of small Flamebacks.. They seem to spend alot of time together in some pots i have arranged in the aquarium... Is this a good sign? Cheers Grant
  6. Are there any fish stores that fraight to your door when you buy from them online??? Cheers Grant
  7. Are the any websites that offer you the chance to buy fish online and fraight to your door??? Cheers Grant
  8. Im thinking about getting into bristlenose catfish and looking to breed them... Ive kept fronnies and bred them without any issues aswell as Lake Victoria cichlids and Americans, My question is, is it possible to breed them in a tank that is 20in long x 10in wide x 10in high? Just hoping some of you guys may be able to help me out, Cheers Grant
  9. Hey mate... Just read what you are after ( Neolamprologus tretocephalus ) and i know for sure corrimal aquariums ( CLEAR WATER AQUARIUMS ) about 1.30hrs from sydney has about 6 ranging from 5 8cm... Cheers Grant
  10. Looking for silver arrows and toga's between 5cm and up in the sydney wollongong area thank you Grant mobile : 0438465816
  11. Hey I have a similar situation with my pair of convicts... what do you feed your fry???
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