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  1. those Angels look strangely familiar cant quite put my finger on it ...lol
  2. Had some issues with getting and giving fish from a friend who is on desalinated water very hit and miss on wether the fish survives mainly dealing with angels would love to hear other peoples ideas on the topic and how it can be dealt with my understanding is the TDS is greatly different but im unware how to adjust the fish for this Cheer RTS
  3. there doin well but have to many and need to thin the numbers down think there is to many in the tank and preventing them from breeding cheers Cal
  4. any guidance hear would be great cheers Cal
  5. i kind of did through the bag... if that makes sense i think its attached to the fish i think it may be it's prolapsed osepheogus.... maybe it choked on something hey buddy never seen that one before and ive killed a few angels in my time lol cheers Cal
  6. Red Tail Shark

    Cals Fish

  7. ever thought of using scoria hell of a lot cheaper than matrix. have it working in my sumps, my understanding is it has as much surface area as matrix cheers Cal
  8. at about the 6cm size the female will have a pink spot near her bum males wont cheers Cal
  9. good to see im not the only one looking at the alternatives all i can say if i find something else ill be making a complete switch dont need to be mucking around trying to switch betwwen foods all the time orgazza point taken about a spare but thats a lot of spares im already buying 3-4 buckets at a time just ask Ben (AOA) i just bought 5 tubs and they wherent all tubs of first choice some where 2nd and third choice cheers Cal
  10. when can we expect to see a supply that doesnt run out every few months its becoming a bit of a joke when will the distributors be able to supply a reliable steady supply , dont they want our money ,is anyone else have an opinion on this an insight maybe or perhaps another brand they can recommend im sick of having to be concerned whether im going to have enough to see me through till the next batch dawdles into the country cheers Cal
  11. $55 for 200g is high enough I reckon my oath if you bought it in the same size tub that NLS comes in 2.27kg it would be over $605
  12. i age my water in 220lt drum for about 12hours to 48hrs depending on how urgently i need it, as the water is going in i use a liquid dechlorinator aquastar which is like prime but stronger, you will find it at the AOA site i have a heater in the drum to bring it to temp and add buffer to the water whatever is needed depending on the tank ill be changing next, water is constantly turned over in the drum with a pump which i then use to fill up the tanks with hope this helps cheers Cal
  13. if you dont want to strip what about the good old fashion ice cream container fry saver . I pull my females out after about a week or so and put her in the fry saver with a short piece of ag pipe that way she doesnt get harrased and she lets them go when she is good and ready, and the fry are protected from any hungry tank mates . The ag pipe is so she has somewhere to hide so she doesnt stress to much cheers Cal
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