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  1. Outstanding looking fish Alex. Love me some mono. I lost my big male and ended up being heart broken and selling off my big tanks. But i am about to move interstate and want another big tank. Are Kelberi legitamtely here in oz, can someone confirm this for me. these are my must haves and were definitely not here when i left the hobby. I'll see if i can dig up any pics of mine. i started with 20ish and split mine up with yellow (jason, my best mate) but my big male got toabout 13 inches and had the most insane red id ever seen on a captive mono. Unfortunately i lost him to a late night tank strike. He looked like he may survive but a few days later he passed.
  2. There is a big difference between the knowledge of an aquarium employee, and the advice you will get from senior members of this forum. Remember when you were young and your parents told you not to do something, but you did it anyway and it turned out for the worse? well consider the senior members of the forum alot like your parents, they know whats best. Think of the aquarium employees like your teenage friends (of that time) they dont really care once you leave, they made their money. Good luck either way.
  3. It is a first. First time I heard of anyone still using cheques!! I had a choice of cheque or bank deposit = getting to the bank when they were open. I choose the easier of the two option as a post box was available 24/7. Dude your living in the past. who even actually goes to the bank nowadays anyway? get yourself some internet banking goodness matey. lifes too short to be stuck in a que. also ive used aquagreen for plants and they were awesome. will definately use them again.
  4. japes you wont need more matrix on your new system you'll just be wasting your money. You have more then enough bio filtration on your system then you need now, i would just run some filter foam and youll be set.
  5. Mate 20 kilos of matrix is over kil for a 500 litre tank and just a waste of money. I use seachem matrix and its fantastic stuff but you wont need much. Get yourself 1 4 litre bucket or maybe 2 if you want a bit extra, but from seachems website you only need less then half a 4 litre bucket. One thing though dont buy the standard matrix, buy the seachem "pond" matrix. This stuff is way better as the rocks are larger, easier to handle, easier to clean, last forever (literally) and take an impossible amount of time to dry out ! so you can leave em out of the water for probably over a week and the bacteria will still be alive, trust me i know from experience.
  6. I always use a garden hose. I empty 40% of my water vith a gravel vac, i then get a 5 litre drum put in all my chems fil it with water shake it up pour it into the tank give the tank a quick agitate and then fill it up dont use bucket unless you have too. Sorry i should add though that i fill the tank back up fairly slowly, over about 2 hours and i run a power head in my tank to help with chem mixing. This helps with chem binding and stops sudden temp changes in the tank. Ive been doing this for a very long time and have never had a problem.
  7. guys any mobile tank maintanence place will move your tank, although it will be probably expensive. Moving a tank is very straight forward, and you would be surprised how easy it is to move a tank with the right gear. Maybe instead of paying someone to move it, buy yourself a set of four 200kg glaziers cups. With these you should be able to rip the tank down move it and set it up in about 2 or 3 hours. just plan everything out.
  8. Honestly mate i know cost is an issue especially if you have many fish. Personally i started keeping fish about 12 years ago and have bought both brand name and non branded foods over the years. Even though i always take into consideration the ingrediants/ nutritional values of the foods ive always found that once a fish is accepting of the higher quality brand name foods they seem healthier.For example i had 20 silver dollars recently which i was feeding some non name brand flake food, they grew fairly well on the product but were pretty average to look at and were not really feisty. I bought a tub of a high quality food for my other fish and once the dollars got a hold of it they grew very fast, they are now bright silver in colour and have bright red fins and gill plates they look fantastic. I had a similar experience when feeding my africans a few years back. everyone will always have a different opinion but it comes down to what works for you.
  9. actually is there anyway i could make into a ball? i could then sell it off making my fortune from the aquarium industry. like so many before me, wait! what? :D
  10. i googled Cladophora and that appears to be it. Thanks for the info. my problem is im using alot of exo terra plants in my aquarium as i have 20 big silver dollars in there so real plants are not an option. As this stuff is attaching itself to the fake plants, rocks, logs etc its become a nightmare. As you stated it does look good (i like the natural look) but its over taking my tank and im ripping it out every two weeks to try to keep it in check. But if your telling me the best way is too taget treat then i guess ill be pulling my tank down and just doing it all at once. i have far too much wood in my tank to be able to spot treat. oh well give me a chance to change my filter/ sump set up i guess. Thanks heaps BN08 G_D
  11. Guys. Im trying to get rid of this moss/ green hair type outbreak in my tank. It looks fantastic but its clearly not good for the tank as it is using up alot of the tanks oxygen, its attaching to everything and none of my fish will go near it. Ive cleaned it out so many times but it keeps coming back. Now its time i play dirty and get some chems to kill it off. anyone that can give me an idea of what it maybe or how too kill it would help me a great deal. Cheers. G_D
  12. There are millions of different species of fish in the world And you cant just come on here an say hey guys need some info on fish, ok go! and expect people to do your research for you. Go away, type "american cichlids" in google and read about them for a week straight, look at pictures to figure out what you like, like the rest of us do. Then when you find 5 species you like come back and ask anything you could'nt find out about them on google yourself. chances are you wont be back. good luck. and welcome to ACE
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