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  1. I agree with Andy on this one.... I only have a housed camera atm and use the cameras internal flash..... especially inside a fish tank, flouro lighting would prob be ok..... Although a strobe is on the wishlist........( just gotta convice the bank account)
  2. Congrats Andy Must have something to do with the water supply in Newcastle lol, are they adding something to the water to help reproduction..........
  3. Heres another one of my shots..... Octopus, Jervis Bay
  4. Andy, I love the photo of the bubble ring, Thats amazing!!
  5. Thank you WW, Just starting to get a handle on the new camera underwater. We should have a ace underwater photo session and BBQ one day......... The seahorse photo is one of my favourites atm.
  6. aaawwwwww bugger, Hope the cameras under warrenty and you get back to taking photos soon.....
  7. Heres one i took on Sunday afternoon at Bare Island
  8. Hi Guys, Heres a pic of a small blue tongue that has taken up residence in our backyard
  9. Count me in too, Let me know if another volunteer is required
  10. mmmm i hear that Andy, Was just over surfing ebay for a strobe myself.......
  11. Very nice Andy, Can i ask what type of camera you are using?
  12. Heres a couple more of mine, santa was nice and I found a housing for my digital camera under the tree Photos taken on sony p73, no strobe, on auto settings (my attempts on manual settings still need some work lol) at Jervis bay. Spiney Gurnard: Moray Eel: Please ask for permision before using my images.
  13. Merry Christmas guys and girls, Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday season.
  14. Congrats Baz, good luck with the raising of the fry!
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