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  1. Haven't seen many of these around in a while?? They used to be very popular... Are there still any white calvus (chaitika) or fire fin comps (kigoma) getting around?? Jon
  2. Looks a lot like the Greshaki I had many years ago. The bars look normal to me. The only thing that does draw my attention is the length of the pectoral fins. Still a good looking fish though.
  3. Thanks mate. Ran out of time in the end. I did get to crossroads aquarium for a quick look though. Water quality and condition of their fish great. Good range of marines, quite a range of americans (more than I'm used to) quite a few malawans - some good sized male peacocks, nice maingano, lombardoi and yellows. Disappointing no tangs except for some sub adult duboisi. Not a bad place all round. Stand out for me was filtration and water quality. Jon
  4. Hi guys, I'm on a late notice trip to Newcastle. Will have the afternoon spare, if I could only visit one store which one would it be? Travel distance won't be an issue. Hoping for speedy reply's, heading home later this arv. Thanks, Jon
  5. I think you're going to be popular Ben. Be good to get this species back to where it was a couple of years ago. I know I'd be among the first to jump on the fry as soon as they came available! Good stuff!
  6. Great pics, great fish. They look to be in top condition. Water quality looks great also. Good job!
  7. Looks to me like an electra - however the label on the tank says pheno gissel so maybe that's it? Def Placidochromis sp. Jon
  8. Mate, I'd pick 4 of ur favs - try to avoid more than 1 Ps/Met sp. and buy in groups of 5-6. In my experience, the more the better to spread out the aggression. Make sure there is plenty of rockwork in the tank and you should be fine.
  9. Cody, have you spoken with Mick (Trofius)? He will be able to answer all your questions and supply you with quality fry. 4ft will be fine, like you said - get a group and wait for them to pair then remove the others. Good luck! Jon
  10. Trofius in Rocky. Has great quality fish, also quite a range. He will also be able to put you onto other tang enthusiast's that don't frequent the forum
  11. JonFishin

    Rain water

    That's excellent! Very reassuring. Thanks guys. Jon
  12. JonFishin

    Rain water

    Hi dogboy That is good to hear. Do you have any problems with instability in your water. Do you mix the buffer into a water tub before you add it into your tanks? I'm very interested to hear how you go about your water changes, frequency etc. Thanks Jon
  13. JonFishin

    Rain water

    Hi guys, Does anyone use rain water for their african's? Is it practical to add buffers to the water or should I just start looking into south american's. Don't know much about them, not sure they really do it for me... Cheers, Jon
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