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  1. Aquarium temperature controller

    Thanks for that momo. Your elitech Stc-1000 build looks good.
  2. Aquarium temperature controller

    Thanks for recommendation Momo. What enclosure did you use for the temperature controller? Are you able to post a pic of your temperature controller?
  3. Aquarium temperature controller

    I had a look at one of those but you have to wire it yourself and build a box for it.
  4. Aquarium temperature controller

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here uses a temperature controller? I have once had a heater get stuck and lost a tank full of fish. I'm looking at buying an Inkbird ITC-308. The way it works is that it has a probe that detects temperature and when the temperature rises above a setpoint, it kills power to the outlet and the heater can’t turn on. These are also used by homebrews. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Inkbird-ITC-308-AU-PLUG-Temperature-Controller-1-97-Probe-240V-Sous-vide-Brew/331875284839?hash=item4d454ef767:g:nXMAAOSwTw5Z3xTB
  5. Does Matrix need Replacing

    Hi Steve, You should never need to replace matrix as it never breaks down. I've had mine for years. Just give it a quick rinse in aquarium water when you do your filter maintenance. Mark
  6. LED Lights

    Thanks Fisho43. The Worx light looks like it's good value for money. Thanks Skippy. Their lights look good but are a bit pricey. I'm looking for something under $300.
  7. LED Lights

    How about the Worx RGB 120cm LED light? https://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=7829&catID=88
  8. LED Lights

    Hi, I'm looking at buying LED lights for my 5x2x2 african cichlid tank. Do you have any recommendations? Cheers Mark
  9. High nitrates

    I remember seeing JBL products but have never tried them. I'll give them a try once they are here again.
  10. High nitrates

    Thanks humbug I'll do that. What test kit do you use?
  11. High nitrates

    I siphon the sand with every fortnightly water change. Yeah I agree that it's gotta be something somewhere, just not sure what lol Haven't lost any fish recently. I'm using the API freshwater master test kit which I just purchased and expires in 2021.
  12. High nitrates

    Sorry I meant tank water lol. I'd never wash any biological filter media with tap water. I just tested my tap water for nitrates and they are 0.
  13. High nitrates

    Thanks Skippy and Bradc. Skippy I'll test my tap water later tonight. I tested it before but I don't remember the result. Bradc I'll increase water changes to 50% weekly. I cleaned the filter media with tank water when the sump was replaced. Not sure why nitrates were so high after doing a 90% change unless there are nitrates present in my tap water.
  14. High nitrates

    Hi all, I'm running a 5x2x2 african cichlid tank and nitrates are currently at 40-80 (hard to tell the difference using the API test kit) after doing a 30% water change yesterday. 2 weeks ago I did a 90% water change as I had to replace the sump. I tested nitrates the following day and they were around 40-80. Fish are fed once a day. Sump currently has 8 litres of matrix in the 2nd baffle. Any ideas as to why my nitrates are so high? Is there anything I can do to lower them?
  15. Cabinet supplier advice

    Hi Brett, You can give City Garden & Aquarium in Greenacre a try. They come in 3 different styles, but I'm not sure about the height. http://www.citygarden.com.au/index1.html Mark