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  1. what size tank? full tank shot? love all those fish
  2. did u forgot the saratoga haha
  3. wow that is so good what fis do you have in there?
  4. hey all just wondering if theres many young peacock bass around lately havent seen any for ages?any in any lfs down in sydney? cheeers matt
  5. nah no frontosa there convicts haha
  6. ill try get a pic umm its about a metre long and kinda in a arch shape its been sunking in a tank before but i think its been out for awhile now its just sitting in the top of my 6x2x2
  7. hi all anyone got any ideas on how to sink a very large bit off wood like make it fully water logged not to sure where i should of posted this haha
  8. looks so good what fish could go good with them?
  9. wow love this tank and the fish so should get a full tank pic tho
  10. mattyr

    My Tanks

    WOW that is a lovely tank and some very lovely fish mate good workkk
  11. full tank shots would look great?
  12. should try get some full tank shots?
  13. mattyr

    Tank Rack Journal

    carnt wait for more pics looks like its going to be good goood luck
  14. wow just got one of them haha hope mine turns out like yours what other fish do you have with it?
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