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  1. wazza

    My Colourful Mbunas

    great pic there! you have completely elimintaed the glass. VERY NICE fish aswelll, love the Maingano wazza
  2. wazza


    happy to help Alex
  3. wazza

    Is there any aussie live bearer associations?

    Do they have a website?
  4. I have googled and googled, and am yet to find a good beginers article on how to make an aquarium, you may say well 'just silicone all the sides together' but i would like an article if one is available. As i am looking into buidling my own tank. So, if any of you have come across a good one, could you please give me the link? wazza
  5. wazza

    Ben's Fishroom Update.

    thanks for that Ben. Yeah, some species of corydoras eg. aeneus breed just if you lower the temperatur a bit. soooo good because... WATER CHANGE FREE BREEDING :D
  6. wazza

    C. Barbatus

    thanks for that Sarah. That doesnt really give me much info, but i am a HUGE corydoras fan.
  7. wazza

    Quality Heater Advice

    i have both tronic and tetra tec heaters, personally i prefer the tetra tec, much more reliable, well that is what i have found. it is up to you however, but tetra tec heats are very good.
  8. wazza

    My Favourite Discus

    Wholey cow guys! those are all really really awesome fish. One day, when i can get some more tanks (MUUUUMMM!!!!! ) id like to get some. But as you can all understand i am a wee kid with a mother who doesnt want any more tanks unfortunately . But never the less they really are great fish, and some really good photos in there, what are your tips for sort of 'eliminating' the glass out of the shot? wazza
  9. wazza

    Steatocranus tinanti

    Please excuse my ignorance, but are they a cichlid? They look like a sucker catfish (albino) crossed with a mudskipper lol, so yeah are they a cichlid or not? wazza
  10. wazza

    What fish are available from Brazil?

    That is an extremely broad question, there are hundreds of species of fish avaibliable from Brazil, many hundreds of south american catfish, and other tropical fish. Im not sure about cichlids however, take a look in a book or site that specializes in 'South American Fish' wazza
  11. wazza

    Holding yellows?

    Woah, as they say, its never to young to start
  12. wazza

    Is there any aussie live bearer associations?

    No actually i dont believe there is one, however there is a NSW cichlid society.
  13. wazza

    C. Barbatus

    yep, seems right alan, thankyou for that i saw soem the other day, but unfortunately cant afford them. $8!!! the cheapest i have EVER seen in my liefe is $39 so maaaate, you so should have bought them all thanks guys
  14. wazza

    Holding yellows?

    Thanks guys, awesome! ive chucked some food in, and she isnt feeding, just sitting in her cave. So hopefully i have a mouthfull, they are only little tackers tho, she is about 5 1/2cm. ill see how it goes wazza
  15. wazza

    Holding yellows?

    I have a tank of juvie yellows, and im wondering if one of them is holding or not. Is there any chance that someone could post a picture of a holding female so that i know what to look for? Thanks in advance wazza