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  1. Lmao at washing hands part
  2. mawfish

    Tanganyikan Tank Idea's

    Its easier to ask forgiveness rather than get permission! ha ha lmao is that from quote from experience ??
  3. mawfish

    Testing new water change system

    Hi Josh Thanks for answering & I also wondered how the initial prime up of the pipes would go Mark
  4. mawfish

    Testing new water change system

    Hi just small questions will there be a sieve or bulkhead of some sort to stop fry & small fish being sucked into the pipe? I don't see any holes drilled so are the tanks going to be stand alone with sponges or such for filtration so I assume that there will still need to be some sort of manual cleaning to remove mulm ( fish craP ) from the tank also with water return if you used a pressure pump for refilling with your float valves ( assuming that your using aged water not just from tap) that would help with tank filling I am not trying to bag your ideas in any way just asking as I am also looking at ways to make things work better & much easier will steal your ideas if they work better. As I am planning to try to implement some auto ways to do things easier over my next 5 week holiday from Xmas to early Feb. Most of my tanks are on systems so with what your doing I am thinking I could just have a float valve in the sump & let the system do the work of refilling my tanks , I am just trying to work out where to put a IBC without it being outside to many tanks not enough room sounds familiar , I don't suppose it would be to hard to work out hole depth in the tanks to do a controlled amount of water per change also, say Ibc or 200 ltre drum then pressure pump with float valve so turns off when drum or Ibc is empty to refill am liking the idea a lot Mark
  5. mawfish

    Keeping the Elec$$$ bills down.

    hi the company I am using asked for 1/3 deposit & you pay the rest of using GE Finance same as if you went to say harvey norman & for something with a interest free term. & yep I missed out on the $10k gov option by a couple of weeks As far AS I know they are putting all solar onto the so called smart meter only thing smart about it they charge you more lol smart for them LOL not for use Mark
  6. mawfish

    Keeping the Elec$$$ bills down.

    Hi Guys I looked at doing this a few times over the last couple of years & this was the first time that i was confident it was the time to do it. now most companies use chinese 180 watt panels & german invertars, the company I am using uses swiss panels hich are 185 watt panels & german invertors, so should last longer & produce more than the chinese equivalant. My own personal opinion here i went with a company that has been around for a long time not one of the new ones that has popped up out of no where & will most likely disapear as quick until the quick buck from being a solar installer dries up. especailly when you have a 25 yr warranty on panels etc etc, while they still be around to help in 10-20 years if the need arises? now I deliberately chose a system bigger than my needs as I didn't see the point in doing it if I still had a power bill to pay, granted would have been cheaper to install but still I think this is the better option. & yes I will generate extra than I use so a win win there also. my main sticking point in deciding to do it was the fact that I have a the 2 yr interest free option to pay of the balance so essesntaily what it will cost me to pay it off over the next 2 yrs was almost the same amount as what my average bill for electricity was already, so in a way I was already going to be paying that amount out thru the next 2 yrs already, but at a easier rate to afford ie a regular fixed amount each month rather than quareterly & most of that in 2 quarters ie winter time which we all know is when our bill sky rockets. the only difference is that i'll pay that money to someone else & only for 2 yrs & then my power bill is totally gone from after that time, so from then its way in front time. now not everyone has roof space or adequate sunlight on their roofs to install panels, but i recommend that get someone out to get a qoute & ask lotsa questions to see if its a viable option & if its right for you. Just remember there are no stupid questions & if you dont ask you don't know. mine should be installed about the end of next month & am planning to keep a log of what I use as opposed to what I produce to compare just for my own curiousity & interest. Mark
  7. mawfish

    Keeping the Elec$$$ bills down.

    Hi well I've been reading this thread with some interest & would like to add something to make ppl wonder a little. I keep a fair few tanks have ducted heating & have a considerable power bill especially in winter! I am in the process of installing a solar system on the house it is 4.1 kilowatts & will generate at their spec's about $500 more power than my average bill over the last 3 yrs per annum. Now the intial cost ( third deposit) is hard to raise for most people was $5000 ( total system is $15000) but with almost all solar installers their is also a interest free 2 yr term to pay of the balance which for me is going to be $410 per month which over the next 2 yrs is almost the same as I am paying in electrictity per annum anyway. my average bill over the last 3 yrs was $4500 per annum that is for the entire year & household useage I am surprised more people aren't looking at or have suggested the option as for instance in 2yrs I will 1. have payed off & own the system 2. never have another electrity bill again as I am installing a larger than required system to meet current power needs so even if needs go up a little I have power to spare 3. will add to the value of your home, (well providing its not a rental or something this does need to be your own house) so I made this choice based on the fact that I know I will not be moving anytime soon, & even though it is a bit to outlay in time it is a rather win win situation & with our hobbies being very power & don't forget water hungry thanks to them zillion water changes we all do each yr, it is a very good thing to do for the enviroment & not to mention our pockets & most importantly keeps the other half of our backs when ever we get a big power bill, ( although it's ok for them to go shopping every week Or is that just my wife ) please note I know not everyone can't do this but thought I'd just put an idea out there for those who have their own homes & have large power bills as a way to solve the keeping costs down problem as this removes the problem essentially. just some stats solar panels are gauranteed for 25 yrs the invertor which converts the power from dc power back to ac has a 10 yr gaurantee , unfortunately as they use the putting it back into the grid system if their is a blackout you still have one also, unless you are using the battery system which is much much more expensive & also costs a lot more money long term as batteries only have a limited life span. Mark
  8. mawfish

    Membe deep

    yup still got em & they are proving to be the most finicky fish to breed I've ever kept.
  9. mawfish

    sealant to waterproof large tub

    HI guys thanks for the ideas , now just got to work out which one is easier for me & do it mark
  10. mawfish

    sealant to waterproof large tub

    hi I have hunted around to get a water change drum or container etc etc to fit a specific space in my fish room & haven't been able to find one unless I get a custom made fibreglass tub which was qouted at $700 bucks which I obviosly didn't want to do , so am looking at building it myself out of wood (ply) can get 30 mm thick stuff for nothing at work. so need a non toxic sealer to waterproof the box with inside so that it's safe to use , is there such a thing or should I just forget the idea the space I want to fill with this box is 1300 long x 650 wide x 1100 High I did research water tanks & plastic tubs from plastic shops & they didn't have anything close enough to what i wanted or was larger. than the space I need to fill any ideas ?? thanks mark
  11. mawfish

    Angel fry in filter

    hi I'd recommend buying a sponge filter & replace the wool one with it, then they won't get trapped & will also pick off the sides of it as a food source . mark
  12. mawfish


    hi if you did want to get them out without touching why not try a bit of airline & gently suck them up & then release them back into the holding container, tea strainer or fry saver tumbler etc. mark
  13. mawfish

    Rack plumbing

    hi rob I have a tank beside my sump on my stands , I have got my sumps sitting on the floor inside the stand rather than on the stand itself , as otherwise it's hard to get enough drainage on the bottom tank , by having the tank higher than the sump it gives you the height you need to drain the bottom tank easier to have it on the system. hope that made sense lol mark
  14. mawfish

    Vacancy Problem

    next time you go on holidays I recommend & do it each time i go away get them resealable sandwich bags & make up 1 days food for each tank in each bag for 1 feed only . I feed them a little less than they normally get, just make as many bags for each tank for how long you are going to be away , the good thing is you can reuse the bags time & time again , while going away & knowing that your fish well be feed accurately mrk
  15. mawfish

    hatching brine shrimp

    thanks for all the replies guys