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  1. very nice set up looks good
  2. yeah clown loaches will eat the snails and they should not eat the baby bn
  3. nice set up looks great
  4. yeah and if there are no bristles on the head it will be a female the ones on the lip is ok as all my females have them
  5. i think it could be a female but it is hard to tell because of photo
  6. i dont think it has got an expiry date ,i all ways buy 2ltrs of prime and it last for months
  7. just put your temperature up to 30 now and the white spot should be gone in a couple of days if the temperature is to low it will take longer to cure
  8. white spot is caused from the temperature droping to much best to buy multi cure that should fix it in a couple of days
  9. nice fish and good pic
  10. put a bit more air into the water and do a water change that should help
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