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  1. My latest rack is holding water and seems good .But with a 200mm gap between the tanks and 850 to the back wall I'll have to stick my head and neck in between the top edge of one tank and the bottom edge off the tank above. So after $10 and some diamond sharpening stones plus elbow grease. Polished edges on 12mm and while I was at it the vertical edge and the corner got a good balling off.Cheap and a good finishing off to a long project. Just need to sort the lids and make removable side drops . Neil
  2. Also hydrochloric acid painted on neat then wait till it stops fizzing and washed off with the garden hose. Just wear gloves and don't get it on your skin . hth Neil
  3. Neil


    Hi tootie A tank outside in the sunlight would take a few weeks and some green water is good from that tank . Neil
  4. There is only one problem that is it is made from mild steel and the lifespan in my fish room is turning out to be less than 10 years Neil
  5. Neil


    Ged Do those figures take into account 0.75 metre of head creating quite a pressure ? My experience is that the hoses clamped to the fitting are notorious for leaking or splitting.If backup redundancy is the the aim then hide an air driven sponge filter. There are even solar driven air pumps with battery backup to compensate for power outages. ( not sure of longevity yet ) Neil
  6. Neil

    tank heating

    this is what I'm on about http://www.amuheat.com.au/slab-heat-cable click on Installation and at 30 watts per meter of cable I recon 10 meters might do three tanks and should go along way to heat the room.
  7. Neil


  8. Neil

    tank heating

    yes the under tiles type .not so much a blanket, more single wires in circuit loop chased into the wall .
  9. Alex these should help visualize replace 3 two foot tanks with 3 800x800x500 like the mock on the floorhttp://www.aceforums.com.au/index.php?app=galleryℑ=2996 http://www.aceforums.com.au/index.php?app=galleryℑ=2997
  10. Neil

    tank heating

    Has anyone had under floor slab heating used under tanks? in my case a wall to heat a 3 tier stand. Thanks Neil
  11. measure the length from your armpit to your finger tips then try to reach to 4 foot the diagonal of a 3x3. Mind you you will be on a ladder to do it in the real thing.30 inch high by 24 wide is impracticable from experience.
  12. Firstly has anyone done this ? Basically angle iron fastened to the wall to take the weight glass base and front and what works out to be 1/2 my 6 foot tank walls is the base and the ends of the 6 foot become the front of the tank.to be 800 x 800 x 500 3 tiers high The walls of the shed are rendered with silec concrete render . Will the silicone stick to the render or should I fiberglass the walls ? Has anyone had under floor slab heating used under tanks? 316 stainless steel and silicon sealant is it a for ever bond ? 316 stainless steel in the tank water does it have any adverse affects? My next free standing stand I'm planning to use the stainless steel square tube in the tank stand as a frame to seal the glass into and thus creating a area that can be used for utilities such as water change in and overflow out If I use a stand upright Tube which has three tiers of tanks being constructed around it and sealed tube ends with 3 holes placed at an equal height from the top water surface.( common head height ) If I fill from the top of the tube will I get an even flow into each tank simultaneously, over flowing out through another upright with 3 holes at the full water level? no taps and no external pipes and hopefully no leaks Thanks Neil
  13. You will find hebel wants to float but if you use enough cement- mortar to hold them together they should stay put other wise give me a ring and I can create any thing free-standing from backgrounds ,rocks or rock side drop filters .at a price 0409962283 Neil
  14. I have tropheops chitande Bright yellow there is approx 12 fish all from the last spawn of my adults that were sold 18 months ago. I have breed them for 5-6 years you are welcome to take them as long as they don't disappear from the hobby .I have a suspicion that troheops chitimba Bay may have gone I haven't seeen any sold for 3 years the last couple to breed them have left the nswcs so I dont know if they are still around . Thanks Neil
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