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  1. whats the best wayto ship /flight fish and whats the price? thx
  2. thx everyone for the advice i will call them thx again
  3. is it hard to send fish to different states and whats the best way? thx ?
  4. hi r the fry from same batch some times big fry eat the small ones whats ur ph and water temp
  5. hi what else u got in the tank wit them?
  6. thx for that i will get r tank just for the longfins thx again
  7. hi everyone just wondering i wanna buy some albino longfins and put them in the same tank with my breedingcommon bn will they mix breed ?
  8. my male bn is fanning eggs again my first batch of bn r growing quick the bn eggs hatched
  9. thanks for ur advice i sell them on forum frist and if i cant selll them all then i take them to the shop
  10. how much do common bn fry sell for and what size can i sell? thx for any advice thx
  11. Congrats, are they the ones you got from me? yeah the females but the male is one i had in the tank r young male thx for the bn mate
  12. my male bn is fanning eggs again my first batch of bn r growing quick
  13. hi everyone my common bn had baby came home and had r look in the cave andlots of little babys like 50 of them im so happy
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