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  1. k0b0i

    Brainstorming for my 8x2x2

    10,000 cardinal tetras
  2. k0b0i

    mixed pics V

    biasa aja kali... nice pics mate hehe
  3. k0b0i

    L002 or LDA01

    re 104's: mate of mine had some before me (he introduced me to the L's) and he didn't see his for a good 3 months once he put them in his tank. Mine were all over the place in the 2nd day of being in my tank and it's been like that since. I actually posted something similar on another forum. I questioned their shy behaviour because the lot i have seem to be overly adventurous and not shy at all. I may have purchased the Hiltons of 104s perhaps. just depends what you like.. people spend a fair bit just to get that rare species. I saw some L316's for sale and the price was like IMO for the price advertised i would prefer to pay for something with a nicer pattern e.g. any of the L numbers Mike listed.. With any of the smaller L's, I guess the only thing you need to remember is to make sure you have a torch handy..
  4. k0b0i

    L002 or LDA01

    Agree with Mike if you guna spend around $200 you should spend a little more and get any of those listed. L333's! seen quite a few around lately and these guys are hot must be that time of year for em.. hehe I have a few L104 of my own and they look great in my SA dwarf tank
  5. k0b0i

    L168 with bristlenose?..

    Shouldn't be a problem