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  1. Does anyone know if these are around? Anyone seen any? Thx
  2. Jimmy

    paracyprichromis and tropheus

    Craig, Mostly interested in the buy and sell, as good tangs are hard to find over here in Perth, so I usually don't check out the photos sections as it tends to either annoy me or make me jealous. In your case the latter! It has also, been a while since I checked this site out regularly as I've downsized and am not on the hunt, as it were, much these days. Dogboy, if I could make a suggestion. I would go with Synodontis petricola in your tank. I suggest this for a few reasons 1) I have them and they are awesome 2) They aren't egg parasites like multipuncs, so you needent worry about your tang fry. They are egg scatterers and I bred mine using a terracotta pot overturned over a bowl of marbles. I can give you more details if you are interested in breeding them. A bit more challenging than raising most cichlids. 3) They are quite nice to look at and can be quite active depending on time of day, food and rock work. 4) Easily obtainable, not too expensive or big and good in a group. My 2 cents about Tang catfish!
  3. Jimmy

    paracyprichromis and tropheus

    Hi Craig and Dogboy I didn't realise that the tank was that big. I agree, the larger the better and admittedly, I hadn't seen pics of your tank Craig. Very nice, love the rock work. I have a 6x2x2 Tang mixed tank and did a lot of research and trial and error in getting the right mix. Tropheus never seemed like the right inclusion for me personally and after reading up on them and then getting some I'm still convinced they aren't right for me. Best of luck Dogboy, the fish you've chosen are excellent and I hope you have luck with them.
  4. Jimmy

    paracyprichromis and tropheus

    I concur with Andrew. Having kept both species and many other Tangs I would say the only fish on your list I would even consider keeping with Tropheus are the Brichardi and Leleupi, but diet needs to be considered for the mixing of these species. This is for several reasons some of which have been mentioned. 1) Tropheus are fast swimming intelligent fish and from my experience nothing will beat a Tropheus to food except may be Petrochromis. 2) They are boisterous and will dominate just about every portion of an aquarium from open water to rocky crevices. 3) Aggression, already mentioned. 4) Dietary requirements. They will generally get bloat if fed anything other than NLS Cichlid formula, Sera Flora or some home made foods. Sorry to play Devil's advocate, but I personally wouldn't mix anything other than Gobies, Simochromis or Petrochromis with Tropheus. Check out www.cichlid-forum.com as they have some good short articles on mixing Tropheus.
  5. Jimmy

    Jumbo Leptosoma Kitumba

    Try Grant Parkes (parkesg), I believe he has a colony.
  6. Jimmy

    Ophthalmotilapia Ventralis

    No worries Peter. There are lots of resources on the net, but discerning the good from the bad can be problematic. Sites like these provide invaluable info to hobbyists and those interested in breeding. When I first got my ventralis a few years ago there were only 2 varieties here in WA, and Chitutas were the rare ones. Its good to see more getting in the country, but those who can breed should so they stay available. Tangs, which I like, still seem to be rare outside of some species of the Julidochromis, shellies, frontosa and Lamprologus groups. I've had some species on my wish list for years, so good luck and if you do breed them sell them on to others. J
  7. Jimmy

    Ophthalmotilapia Ventralis

    Hey Kasm & Peter, From my experience I found the minimum size colony that worked for me was 2 males: 4 females. The males are relentless chasers and if you only have one then he can concentrate solely on the females, and they tend not to hold for very long due to the continued harassment. Ideally, 3 males is the best scenario as it spreads the aggression out, but also gives one of the males enough free time to breed with the girls. I had my colony in a 6x2x2, comprised of 3 males:7 females, with a pile of rocks at either end and a smaller pile in the middle as refuges for the females. I also planted vallis around the tank as a visual barrier in front of the rock piles and between the males territories, cause the females are aggressive towards each other as well. I would let the female hold for 2 weeks and then at night in the dark, after they are a sleep gently caught her in a net and moved her into a floating fry saver made out of those cheap $1 buckets you get from Bunnings. These seemed to be the right size for the fish and didn't stress them to the point where they would spit the eggs. I always had an egg tumbler ready to go, just incase she spit during the process. By waiting two weeks the females were more likely to hold the fry when being moved, but if they spat then I got 100% development to free swimming fry in the tumbler, because they were well advanced. Just some anecdotal info from my experiences. I did breed quite a few before selling my colony. Good luck in your search Pilly, I hope you find what your looking for. They are awesome fish and still my favourite featherfin Tang. Regards James
  8. Jimmy

    German Blue Rams

    Matt, very nice fish mate. I have some juveniles which I'm growing up to breed. Hopefully they will look like yours. The finnage on that male is awesome. Cheers James
  9. Jimmy

    Ophthalmotilapia Ventralis

    Over here in the west I've seen O. ventralis - Chituta, orange cap, Samazi, Chaitika, Kala and Isanga. So there are a few variants around. I had a breeding colony of Chituta's for a while. Awesome fish, and if set-up properly, pretty easy to breed, but they need a lot of space due to aggression, some smooth stones or equivalent for hides for the females and fine lime sand for the males to make their bowers in. Cheers James
  10. Jimmy

    Sterilizing Driftwood

    If you are putting it in boiling water then I wouldn't worry about "bugs" very much. It should kill pretty near everything. Another good way to decontaminate it is to use steam. As for the dirt, if you want it clean for asthetics, if you soak it for a couple of weeks to water log it, that should be enough to loosen anything still clinging. Hit it with the hose and scrubber just before you put it in your tank. Regards James
  11. Jimmy

    cyprichromis leptosoma setup

    Firstly, let me say I hate raining on people's parades, particulalry other Tang keepers. I think you'll struggle to keep the cyps in good order let alone breed them in a 3 foot tank. The males are very territorial and I've had dominant males pick apart sub-dominant ones to death. They are also the horniest fish on the plant after guppies and males are relentless chasers of females. I think the minimum foot print you would want is 4 foot at least to have a healthy colony with enough room to breed. As for your back up of moving them into a tank with frontosa and tropheus, well that's a pretty bad idea. Frontosa's with size will eat other fish, knowing first hand. When I first started out I made the mistake of putting an adult colony of Ectodus decampsii in with 12cm frontosa only to wake up the next morning to find the dominant male ecto missing just about everything. These were fronts that were mixed with smaller tangs from fry, but instincts are instincts and in the wild they will eat other fish including cyps. They will likely get dominated at feeding time by the Tropheus and over time could starve. If I were you, I would chuck some rock work in the tank at one end and get a nice colony of nigripinnis. They are much less active, the females tend to school in the open and the males will find territories in and around the rocks. You can mix them with shellies with out worry. As for something to clean the tank up, Synodontis petricola are a Tang catfish that doesn't get too big and are great scavengers. They look like cuckoo cats, but are not egg parasites. Just my 2 bobs worth from experience. Good luck. James
  12. Jimmy

    where to buy a co2 reg/solenoid online

    I recently found some CO2 gear pretty resonably priced on Ebay. James
  13. Jimmy

    American or African

    Hi everyone. Thought I would share. I'm a bit of a cichlid snob and have only kept Tangs until recently. I'm setting up a planted 4x2x2 tank which in the end will have some SA dwarfs. Tanganyikans Cyprichromis sp. Jumbo 'Kigoma' Eretmodus cyanostictus Gnathochromis premaxillaris Neolamprologus buesheri 'Kachese' Neolamprologus leleupi 'German Orange' Paracyprichromis nigripinnis Xenotilapia flavipinnis 'Nyanza Lac' I'm looking for some Callochromis macrops 'Ndole' South Americans Mikrogeophagus ramirezi But when my planted tank is finished I'll be after some Apistogramma (species yet to be determined with what is available) Dicrossus filamentosus Cheers James
  14. Provded they are good parents or if it is their first clutch, I would be inclined to leave the fry with them. It is an amazing site to see the fry swimming about and then retreat into the parents mouths. The fry tend to be quite adventurous so if they are in with other fish then they can be picked off rather easily, but generally not by the parents. My only worry was them getting sucked up in the filter so make sure you have it set-up so that can't happen. If you want to strip them, then I would suggest you wait until its proper dark for at least an hour so they go to "sleep". The male will be much easier to catch and the risk of him damaging himself or spitting the fry all over the place will be greatly reduced. Good luck with them, they are awesome fish! Cheers James
  15. Jimmy

    Tropheus & Eretmodus fry

    Here are some pics. Sorry for the quality. Female T. duboisi in floaty When I put the net into to she if she would spit out a few fry, she dropped the wad and here is the result. 5 Erets and 5 dubs. Cheers James