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  1. marshes

    can convict and oscar put together?

    I have 2 oscars in with a convict. Oscar is 35cms and convict is 9-10cms. No problems.
  2. marshes

    Installing a Universal Rock Background

    fwiw, I have a universal background and siliconed it to the back of my fish tank. It has been up and running for over a year without a problem. So although i think this is a great idea if you have the time i hope it doesnt turn people off getting one of these backgrounds as going to these lengths may not be nessarcy. Anyway, i too watch with interest.
  3. marshes

    fish that help rasie fry?

    This has been on my mind for awhile now, i know about brichardi's but are there any other fish that behave like this?
  4. marshes

    Salvini Spawn 1st time:)

    They look the goods! thanks for sharing.
  5. marshes

    WOO HOO got my first BN eggs

    I would imagine fry would be too small to eat zucinni ? Normally i wait until the egg sacks are gone and then You can feed them liquid fry food or crushed fry food, if the tank is a planted tank you dont need to feed them anything for a few days or just sparingly as they live off the micro organisms in the tank. In saying the above, i have never raised BN but thousands and thousands of african and american cichlids so maybe they will eat zucinni
  6. marshes

    My Synspilum spawned

    Congrats dont think ive ever seen them in aquariums down here.
  7. marshes

    Aquariums in West Sydney

    -- info on shops removed -- YeW
  8. marshes

    I Have Bred Black Ghost Knife's

    lol at the thread backfire.
  9. marshes

    Peacock Bass breeding

    wow, congrats i wonder how many people have bred bass before. Id say not that many.
  10. marshes

    My New Fish Room

    Where did you get the racking done ?
  11. marshes

    My New Fish Room

    are the offspring covering the costs of running ? I thought about making a fish room but am having second thoughts in regards to cost / benefit.
  12. marshes

    Heres my Giant Gourami.

    that severums eye looks messed up!
  13. marshes

    my little mate

    Probably trying to get away from the toads.
  14. marshes

    my little mate

    lol at the spongebob cd Have u fed him ?