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  1. Popeye

    It's a shame your not in 

    Melbourne :(

  2. Welcome Brad, Hope you enjoy your stay. Would also love to see some pics & what filtration you're running. Very similar to my own display tank. -Dan
  3. Agree with chuck here, best try try a length of garden hose to move whatever debris is in the pipe. Failing that you could potentially use a sink snake from Bunnings. Catfish won't fair well though. Are there teeth at the top of your weir? From the looks of your photos the water seems to fall straight over a flat edge of glass -- if so it won't be the last time this happens. Teeth should be easy enough to retrofit though. -Dan
  4. Yellow + Blue = Green. Its just the little fella turning into a 'man' -Dan.
  5. Looking really nice -- nice looking units too. Any one tried these units in blue for moon lighting? Or would it look too much like a disco? -Dkw.
  6. I've got the bunnings version of that rack for the shed and get scared leaving the circular saw on there. The shelves are made out of very thin metal which bow and twist. Was rated at 50kgs per shelf, wouldn't trust that for tanks. -Dan.
  7. dkw

    Water temps

    I tend to take some tank water and put into a large ziplock bag, freeze it, then put the iceberg back into the tank. I get about a little shy of a litre in a ziplock bag and it drops the temp by .3 of a degree or so (depends on the size of your tank ofcourse). Not a whole lot, but its a gentle decrease and helps me sleep easier.. - Dan.
  8. dkw


    Hi Shannon, You can't really tell male vs female until they start to grow up -- Males end up twice the size of females. As for the fry, best to leave them in the tank rather than try to catch them -- Multies are paternal and its interesting to watch them protect their young and to watch the young grow up in the 'family' unit. Perhaps you do have more males than females? One thing you could do to increase the chances of your multies surviving would be to add more shells and try to create little territories in the tank with a rock. It doesn't have to be huge, just something to break the line of sight between the pairs/families. Hope that helps, I'm sure someone who has kept multies longer than I have will chime in.. -Dan.
  9. Hi Guys, I have a tank which I separate using light diffuser, I've used silicon to attach fly wire to either side of the light diffuser with a little bit extra to form a 'flap' down the bottom to go along the bottom of the tank about 20mm. I keep on running into issues with waste getting stuck under the flaps, and inside the cubes themselves and its a real pain to clean out, Anyone have much experience using this method? or dividing tanks in other ways? Perhaps I could only fly wire one side, leaving the fish on the opposite side to take care of the waste? Thanks! -Dan.
  10. Hi Rob, I put her in a fry saver in the main tank, Wouldn't put it in the fry tank in case she jumps out and wants a feed. - Dan
  11. dkw

    Fry tank filtration

    Thanks for your response Rod, I guess I'd be alright if I took the filter media out of the cannister and hung it in the tank in a stocking or something? I have one sponge filter in there already which should be seeded by now. - Dan.
  12. dkw

    Fry tank filtration

    Thanks guys, It's the flow thats worrying me the most and I'm sure that with the cannister throttled I'm not doing the impeller any good. I think I'll whack another sponge filter in there and phase the cannister out, somehow keeping the media. - Dan.
  13. Hi Rob, I currently breed saulosi too, I usually separate the female from her fry as soon as they're spat. Putting her into her own fry saver and feeding her up a bit before she goes back into the main tank to build her strength up. - Dan.
  14. Hi Guys, Just after some opinions on how to filter a 2ft fry raiser, I've tried the following with limited success: 300LPH internal power filter (no bio media) 700LPH cannister filter throttled down to about 400LPH (with bio media) Air driven sponge filter on top of the cannister. I've had more success with the cannister filter, however I still think its too much flow for the little guys. I have about 50 or so fry in the tank at any one time. Should I start at looking at rigging up some custom bucket style filter to increase water volume? perhaps a HOB with the ability to hold bio media? Would love to hear how the breeders out there do it. Many thanks. - Dan.
  15. dkw

    painting back of tank

    So long as you're not spray painting you'll do okay -- I used a 4" wide roller to do mine. Couldn't agree more with Scott, you'll definitely want ESP, that stuff works wonders. -Dan.
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