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  1. Hi guys now i have never heard of this but dose anyone know of Ikolas breeding with moliros. I was catching some fish to sell when i noticed a couple of babies with the moliro colouring and strips but i only have a single moliro. So am i miss interpreting the babies colours or have they actually breed together. Let me know if it happens cheers adam
  2. Thanks for that im going out to buy a new switch board. Ta Adam
  3. Well its been 24hrs now since ive taken the light out and dried off. IT WORKS still zippidy dooda zippedy day my oh my what a wonderful day
  4. Thanks, My lights are on for 12hours a day at the moment.
  5. Gday Adam, I did something worse a couple of years ago, and dropped a live powerboard in the tank while taking a hood off. Luckily the circuit breaker tripped straight away and cut all the power. I assume all the power went out when you dropped the light in? I would remove the light tube and the plastic lens/cover, and let the unit dry out for a few days. If it was only in the tank for a matter of seconds, it will more than likely still work as long as everything dries out first. Good luck with it. Cheers shane Thanks shane, the power didnt go out in my house, the light just stopped working i switched it off by the power point and pulled the plug before retrieving it out of the tank. And my power board has got a safety switch but it didnt trip i have my heater attached to it and it didnt stop working. Who knows what happened. What light source you using for your tropheus? Do you have a good green algee all im getting is the brown algee. cheers adam
  6. Gday people, today whilst playing with my tanks and being a bit lazy. I have knocked my light into my tank, no electrocution luckily. Everybody has survived how i dont know. I have got it out in the sun drying. What are the chances of it working. Has anybody else done such a thing . Should i risk turning it back on in a couple of days and what will the high ph do to the wires Thanks Adam
  7. Hi Tropheus lovers, i have stripped a bemba last week and but the eggs in to a net with a aerator under the net. the eggs move about well. But out of fourteen eggs only four have come good. The other ten have this clear (looks like fungus) coating covering the out side the other four you can see the fry developing. What do you think, is it that those ten havent been fertilised or am i not doing something i should?? HELP Thankyou adam
  8. Hi Craig, yes my fish, Tropheus, are doing well and yes i do feed my fish NLS. Great stuff also spirulina tablets that you stick to the side of the tank. cheers adam
  9. Thank you Craig. I only get to feed my fish once a day and twice on the weekend as a treat. So i don't believe it is just from the left over food. The water conditions must have been ideal for them to be so prolific. Thanks for the advice. adam
  10. Hi guys, well i have a what seems to be a healthy 6ft tank, with only tropheus,about forty of them now( i say its a healthy tank because my fish are constantly holding ). I have never really had a problem with snails, but over the last three weeks i have had a population explosion with the snails. My rocks where nearly completely covered with snail eggs. Spent the weekend removing and scrubing the eggs off . Can anyone tell me why the sudden population growth. Temp has remained between 25 and 27 degrees. and the ph is 8.2. So any ideas as to why the sudden growth has happened. I want to stop it or at least understand why it happened and reduce the chance of it happening again. thanks Adam
  11. i have a couple of plants and a rock in the middle. How does one tell the differences in the sexes ta adam
  12. THanks for that, the temp is 26 and the ph is 7.3 and i do have an air stone in the tank. so what else could it be adam
  13. Hi, ive had a pair of rainbow cihlids now for about three weeks and still they dont seem to be very active compared to when i bought them in the shop. Can anyone tell me why, could it be because there is no other fish in the tank. My goal is to get them to breed, i saw a breeding pair once in the shop and was taken back by the colour and aggressiveness they show. i am wanting to know how these fish breed. I am a bad boy i bought them without actually knowing much about them Please help me Thanks adam
  14. Well i had a post up concerned about the black dots under the ikolas jaw line. NO need to be concerned now my ikolas have dropped the babies and we are now a happy family ONE CIGAR FOR ME
  15. Now thats thinking outside of the square. Full marks to you cheers adam
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