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  1. hi all. i have a 5x2x2 tank that was home to a pair of happily breeding brasiliensis, and a medium sized pleco. about two months ago, the female, got sick and died. i need some advice on how i might be able to introduce a suitable female into the tank ? will my large male accept another fish ? they had several batches of fry, but only managed to raise one single fish. all three remaining occupants of the tank get along fine, but i would like to try to get another female brasiliensis and start breeding again. the male is about 9 or 10" long, the offspring is abot 2" now, and the pleco is about 5 or 6" in length. if it is possible to introduce a female, where might i find one large enough for my near fully grown male ? thanks in advance, jason
  2. thanks for the help. the prime is for removing chlorine , chloramine & ammonia. detoxifies nitrite & nitrate and also provides slime coat. thanks again, looks like im off to buy a big bag of pool salt. jason
  3. thanks for the input. i have a breeding pair of G. brasiliensis. and a small pleco. these are the only fish i have, and the only ones i intend to keep. i have a 5 x 2 x 2 tank. the startright b label says this "de-ioniser & electrolyte salts" "startright b is specifically formulated to remove toxic metal ions from town water instantly" as for water conditioning, im using prime, as i find it's good value for money as it's so concentrated. the startright b powder is costing me $17.00 for 500 grams, so it's not cheap stuff. and with a 5 x 2 x 2 tank im using heaps of it during regular water changes. 5 grams per 10 liters. if anyone can recommend a beter substitute, id be greatful. im only new to cichlids, and don't yet know much about them. thanks again, jason
  4. oops... double post. sorry. jason
  5. hey, guys.... i have a spare 2217 filter that im not using at the moment. would it be possible to use this in a denitrification filter setup ? jason
  6. hi all. i was at my lfs today and was given some advice that will (if true) save me a bucket load of money. i was told that i can safely substitute the startright B salts for a mixture of 4 parts pool salt, and one part epsom salts. is this correct ? won't harm the fish ? (americans) jason
  7. hi all. you may or may not have read my first post, but my brasiliensis pair spawned a few days ago, and the fry are now free swimming. the female is guarding them very well. she even eyed me off, as i was trying to feed them ! what i would like to know is, she is even being marginally agressive towards the male. is this normal behaviour for the female ? jason
  8. the bubbles were just comming out of the "return" section of the sump. the bit that the water flows into where the heaters are. before it overflows onto the drip tray. the water would flow then evey 10 - 20 sec or so, i would get a big "burp" type thing where a lot of water and air would bubble out of the return bit, and a bunch of it would spill out onto the lid of the sump and the inside of the cabinet. also it was so noisy, i couldnt sleep ! it was SO noisy that i could hear the bubbling oiutside my unit. not good for good neighbourly relationships. as for the fire mouths, thought that i would only concentrate on having the two brassiliensis as more of a pet type then having a community type tank. it might also increase my chances of having the fry survive as there's less chance that they will get eaten. jason
  9. i have decided to get rid of the fire mouths and just keep my pair of brassiliensis. if anyone here wants the fire mouths, you can have them free, just so long as they go to a good home. im not sure what sex they are, might both be male or female, or might even be one of each. they are only small (about 3" or so). also, you will have to pick them up, as i dont have a car.(i ride everywhere) send me a email or pm if your interested. jason
  10. dont have any cave info to add, being only new to the forum. thought id go along with the flow, and post a pussy pic myself my mums 16 year old cat, sitting on my lap. jason
  11. thanks. the sump is filled with plastic bio balls, and coarse foam. fine filter wool, and bag of purigen (added today). the flow rate on the pump is 1500 lph. jason
  12. here is a pic of the female with the eggs. it's not a great pic, but it's about the bast i can get, with where she is hiding. jason
  13. thanks for the info. i will try to get a few pictures. forgot to mention that the male is feircely guarding the outside of the cave! he quickly see's off any othe fish the comes a little too close. jason
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