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    SNAKES, used to be a massive fishhead lol now into my bikes and snakes, still have a soft spot for fish

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  1. raycam01_au

    Couple of Tanks on the Go

    nice little flips
  2. raycam01_au

    8x3x2' Reef Tank Journal

    Hey mate looking awesome, love the setup
  3. raycam01_au

    Couple of Tanks on the Go

    Hey mate its currently housing 3 Rays
  4. raycam01_au

    MArine 4x3x2 epic

    Hi mAte, ATI *8 Bulb T5 unit, lights up well tank is coming along a treat
  5. raycam01_au

    MArine 4x3x2 epic

    loving the tank
  6. raycam01_au

    MArine 4x3x2 epic

  7. raycam01_au

    MArine 4x3x2 epic

    grabbed this tank this morning the fun now begins
  8. raycam01_au

    Couple of Tanks on the Go

    Ello guy's and girls Well we went and bought a 6x3x18 got it all plumbed up and running tonight for the 3 rays, and birchirs and another sexy fish , also bought a 4x3x2ft Marine setup, it gets picked up on Saturday
  9. raycam01_au

    Breeding Peppermint Trio Video

    my guys breed like rabbits, i have about 100 bubs sitting in diff sizes currently, we have just moved them to a larger tank with a few more breeders
  10. raycam01_au

    5x2x2 Discus Tank

    Just before Xmas, Sarah's pressie was ordered, a nice shiny 5x2x2 centre weir and 4x18x18 sump, she has wanted Discus for ages, just received the Tank and Sump yesterday, Dennison Seeto is the man if you want a nice sexy tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIll do the plumbing today and organise a few things, more to come as we go
  11. raycam01_au

    What L number is Peppermint?

    Ancistrus sp(L071).
  12. raycam01_au

    Breeding Peppermint Trio Video

    Threw the Gopro in with my Peppermint trio lucky enough to capture alittle lovemaking enjoy
  13. raycam01_au

    New Systems on the go

    its actually the reflection Chris, I had to double take and have another look lol sexy rack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  14. raycam01_au

    New Systems on the go

    in place ready to start
  15. raycam01_au

    New Systems on the go

    Well after quite a long time away from the fish side of the industry, its time to set up a couple of little systems to play with, Sarah likes the Wild Bettas, and is starting to accumulate a few different species, and we are now looking at some Killie Fish, Sarah has just ordered 2 species that arrive next week. For me, I will be setting up 2 tanks for some Comps, and the half a system with Sarah with some L's and cories and whatever else floats my boat. Sarahs system will comprise of 2x 3x18x12 tanks on the bottom, they will be fry grow out tanks, the next 2 levels will be 16 of our custom made acrylic tanks 30x20x20, purely for Sarah's Betta addiction. Then we pick up the 12 tank system off Tim tomorrow, they are 3ftx20x12 I will custom split some of these tanks, both systems will run off custom built sumps. Looking forward to getting these going......................... peace out