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  1. hph

    Shark in a 2fter

    Just saw this ad on gumtree, bit cruel https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/ermington/fish/small-marine-tank-shut-down-sale-livestock-not-included-/1158796455
  2. hph

    Tropheus Ikola in 55 gallon

    I have a breeding pair of kachese in a 4fter that has a mouthful every 8 weeks. Just luck I guess they don't kill each other.
  3. Hi all, I was thinking of getting one of those LED light tubes that has a mixture of blue and white leds to replace my T8s. The led tubes are rated with a higher wattage than my T8 (20W). I was told by the lfs that the leds uses less electricity. How can that be given that the leds are rated much higher ?
  4. hph

    Mixing tropheus

    I have a pair of kachese from a small colony of 6 in a mix tank of cobalts, peacocks. This pair breeds every couple of months and the female carries young till about 1cm and release. I'm thinking of getting a colony of illangis for the tank and was wondering if they will cross breed ?. The male is not aggressive at all towards the female, will the introduction of the illangis cause a change in behavoiur ?
  5. hph

    How to work out what wattage used

    Thanks for your advice.
  6. Found some LED strips on ebay and was wondering how can the wattage be determined from the following specs. 2 x 96 LED strips Power input: 100 - 240V, 50-60Hz, 0.6A Power output: 12.0VDC ---1.0A Will this be sufficient to light up a standard 4fter ?
  7. hph

    Red devil community tank

    The red devils spawned over the weekend !!!! Gotta do a bot of reading as I had never kept any CAs before till now.
  8. hph

    Red devil community tank

    Both of them were sold to me as males from the LFS
  9. Question for the CA experts . There's a display tank at a LFS out west which has about 20 or so red devils ina 6x2. These were all about 8-12 inches long. It was impressive to see the intense red colors they took on. Currently, I have 6 red devils of varying sizes from 4 to 10 inches in a 4x2. No problems so far but the two largest have already bonded and are cleaning a section of the tank. Is it ok to leave the rest in there or remove the pr to aonther tank ? Not much aggression shown so far with just the occasional nudge and chase.
  10. hph

    Auto rotating powerhead?

    The gearbox is not enclosed. Ours pretty much gets clogged up every 2 weeks or so , but mind you it was in a marine tank. I suspect it will be less in a FW setup. The zoomed powersweeps are the same and requires dismantling at regular intervals to clear any gunk which gets caught up in the gears. have heard the SWCD is much better but havent try it personally.
  11. hph

    Pair of Silver Arowana

    It was closer to about 80cm. What size tanks did they eventually went to when yours grew ?
  12. hph

    Pair of Silver Arowana

    I've had two silvers grew up together in a 6x2 for 6 yrs. Both got to about 2ft before one was lost due to tank mishap.
  13. hph

    Price tag on L168's

    gee wheez, and to think that I nearly bought some for $400 each around march last yr. lucky changed my mind last minute.
  14. hph

    Hong Kong fish market

    Looks like it hasn't changed one bit since I last went there 10 yrs ago. Been told that the lfs can also supply little plastic bags which u can wear on your body Discusdude have you got pics of the reptile stores on that street as well ?
  15. hph

    Enclosure for stimson python

    No need to change the original statement. Alan was only kidding about what idiot would put ducting tapes in a snake cage.