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  1. bru55el

    Selecting Heaters

    Just wondering if anybody uses Sera heaters? I have been running 3 x 300W models for the last 2 years and never had a problem with them. Not even any condensation inside.
  2. bru55el

    Hooking up a Resun LP 60

    I can't see any problem with what you are thinking. I run a LP20 with 19mm PVC pipe approx 10m long feeding 8 tanks and it works beautifully. I get no appreciable loss of pressure between the first and last tanks. Shane
  3. bru55el

    Flea bombs

    Ducksta wrote: I agree as I have had to bomb a few times in situations where I could not move the tanks and i haven't had any loses yet. I went so far as to cover the blankets with heavy black builders plastic for added piece of mind. I also make sure that I put my air pump on top of the tank underneath the blankets so no nasties get anywhere near it.
  4. bru55el

    White Worms

    Thanks guys will try your suggestions. Should have clarified...when I say soil I actually meant pea moss so at least I got that right I'll try the perspex and white bread theories and see how they pan out. Thanks for the replies. Shane
  5. bru55el

    White Worms

    Yeah the culture is in a box filled with soil which is constantly kept nice and moist. They are fed every few days with dry cat food which I mix into the soil. I have found that the worms are concentrated in certain areas which does make collecting easier, but I wondered if there was any way of separating the worms and soil completely.
  6. bru55el

    sump media?

    Mate i would leave it the way it is IMO. You shouldn't ever really need to clean the bio balls anyway.
  7. bru55el

    White Worms

    Any ideas on the best way to separate white worms from the soil they live in? I've got hundreds but it is a real pain in the a*** to pick them out 1 by 1. Don't really want to throw in a big clump of them as the soil in amognst them ends up in the tank as well. Cheers
  8. bru55el

    powerhead Question

    mate you're thinking along the right track! Just buy the correct hose to fit the outlets of the powerhead. Or if you've got access to a lathe and really want to run the 19mm poly you can turn up an adaptor to suit. I love lathes!!
  9. bru55el

    Poll - Tanks in Use

    You should like you've got an understanding wife there shane (top name by the way ). 3x6fts for you b'day how sweet would that be! I've got a fight on my hands if I need an extra set up temporarily to quarantine some fish... and i've only got 9 currently running. 1st child is due in 5 weeks and she keeps tightening the srews on my hobby to save money for bub! Can never have enough tanks as far as i'm concerned shane
  10. bru55el

    Advice please!

    thanks all i was a bit dubious about the use of clr. i will try all of the above ideas and have also heard about a product called "white magic(pretty much a microfibre sponge)" so will find this and give it a go also. thanks for the advice!!!! Shane
  11. bru55el

    Milky film over eye?

    Yep Melafix! one of my orange chromides recently had both eyes seriously cloud up. within a week of treatment with melafix it came good. doesn't even like there was ever a problem.
  12. bru55el

    Advice please!

    Howdy all!!!! i'm getting one of my tanks back from a friend on the weekend and intend to set it up as a display in the lounge room. this is a beautiful tank that is really well built. it has been doing service recently as a saltwater setup and has accumulated a fair bit of salt build up around the top and undersides of the lids. i however will be using this as a freshwater setup. can anyone recommend the best way to remove this and return the tank to its former glory. the glass is in excellent condition it just needs a damn good clean. the top of the tank will be covered by a hood. i was thinking a really good going over with CLR clear might be the go. Any other thoughts????????? Thanks Shane
  13. bru55el

    new dwarf tank

    hey mbuna very nice setup mate what sort of lighting are you running?
  14. bru55el

    S. tinanti babies

    well done merjo,!!! that makes two of us with unexpected fry in the last few weeks!! i'm still unsure of the exact number of fry i have but closest count is around 20. some dissappeared before i was able to remove the petricola i had in with them. DOH! i too had them in a holding tank.
  15. bru55el

    Oscar tankmates

    has anyone tried keeping silver scats with their oscar and if so how did that go?