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  1. Thanks for the reply. Did you have AC pumps before? If so, how much quieter in relative terms?
  2. I decided to give this a go but then realised my current ballasts aren't good enough for running 3x28W and 2x54W. They're all 2x35W limited so I could join some together but it's turning into a pain... to do it properly a 2x54W capable ballast appears to go for $100USD. Yeah no thanks. Have sent an enquiry to Makemyled... I like the idea of PC controlled programs, sunrise/set etc. in a 5ft 150W footprint.
  3. Just checking in to see if anyone has had an experience with the RLSS Waveline DC water pumps? Having just set my larger tank back up, the idea of chewing half the power for the pump is tempting. I'm running 5kL/hr at the moment so would probably spring for the DC-6000 and then only dial it back as needed to tune the overflow. Even their DC-4000 is tempting... 36W for 4kL/hr? Damn
  4. I've just come back to aquariums and shortlisting the new tank. Had not discovered Datnoids before, very cool. Might have to see if any stores I know can assist.
  5. Hmmm very valid point and yes, I'd be re-using this for the time being (another year or two). It's no trouble to fit a couple of fans on a thermostat as part of the design but I think at best there will still only be 3" clearance between light and glass, possibly a little less if it's LED due to heatsinks. Lights only used in evenings for me, I'm either not home or don't need/want to light during the day. Also fish only, no live plants.
  6. Thanks for the responses! LED is definitely the preference if I can find something that'll be better than these T5's within a fair budget. I'd like to say they are an option but right now a pair of those would run me $600+ so I'm inclined to explore DIY further, having put together some other LED boards for various cases in the past, just not aquarium focused. Will look around to see what I can find in terms of controllers as there's no shortage of high output Cree or Samsung suppliers, lenses etc. on the market.
  7. Looking at LEDs, it seems around $400-450 if buying something off the shelf like this https://makemyled.com/1-x-150cm-triple-row-full-spectrum-combo-panel-mml-fwp3b-150/. Still looking around, no huge rush but probably make a decision in the next week on a plan.
  8. Hi All, I haven't visited here in a long time but have been running life sans fish for some time and enough is enough! Reviving my 5x2x2 for more americans and it has some nasty old T8 fittings which I'm going to replace. I've a few spares housings like the below and thinking of adding some reflective film to back it, then run 3 full spectrum (115cm Philips TL5 4000k spare tubes on hand which are rated at 2650 lumens 28W) and also a pair of ATI AquaBlue Special 12000k's (54W https://www.atinorthamerica.com/…/bulbs_chart_aquablue_larg…). Then throw switches for both sets at the back of the tank. I could go LED but I'd be running a similar wattage and I have 4 of these double fluro housings with tubes lying around so it makes sense to use them. Also plan to replace the T5 ends with waterproof ones of course. Any suggestions or thoughts? I haven't looked for recent LED threads but will also have a search. If I could find a quality kit for $300 or less then I'd consider it (DIY also being no problem). Right now I'm looking at ~$130 to get this setup but it would be a hell of a lot of light and simple too.
  9. Lonx

    Moving larger tanks

    Hi Damo, I was wondering if the offer to borrow your suction cups might still be possible? I'm moving tonight & tomorrow, but just had a call from removalist saying they won't touch it. Great timing I could drop over this afternoon/early evening if you get this in time, and return them tomorrow or very soon after. Only other option I can think of right now is to call around the 'man with a van' things and ask if they will do a quick job. Little bit frustrated with this! I couldn't send you a message on here, so if you can help me out would it be possible to send me an sms? Number is zero four two three 473796. Brenden,
  10. Lonx

    Moving larger tanks

    yeah stairs are carpeted and the width is around 2.5ft so it doesn't leave a lot for movement and prevents a 3rd person on the side. We had the little asian guy from Lam's (is this the infamous lam? lol) squeezed between the tank and the railing to get it up there in the first place and it took a bit of effort. Main concern is the person on the bottom if i use lift straps, losing footing etc. It's running a dalbarb sump around 90x45x45cm. So I will probably rinse the media and then submerge in its own (cleaner) water in a 60L bin with a battery operated air pump. I run an overkill of about 8-10L of matrix so worst case I'll concentrate more on keeping this alive than worrying about sponges and mech filtering. I also have an eheim 2217 on it as a backup which I will attempt to get running asap when its moved. Fresh bottle of prime is here for the initial setup at the new house.
  11. Lonx

    Moving larger tanks

    6ft sump in an astra is equally impressive I'll be talking to a friend tonight who can probably loan me a ute with drop down sides. Might be the go then, as long as I'm organised it should be ok. The fish usually move in those 60L bunnings bins with a folded garbage bag and the lid taped down over the top. I guess I might get a few more bins for the sand too as there's 3 bags worth in there right now. Sump is also too big for the front opening of the cabinet, so have to knock the back support out to remove it. Lol. The things we do for happy fish.....
  12. Lonx

    Moving larger tanks

    That could very well be the best option. Unless I can get the quotes to a 'reasonable' amount, and buy a pair of those lifting straps to help support / grip it while going down the stairs. The first quote was $800 but I suspect he missed the part where I said I don't need help with everything else A 10x2x3 would've been a pain in the buM!!
  13. I currently have a 5x2x2 which has been running for approx 1 year and my landlord needs their apartment back due to a family issue, so I need to move. I've contacted a few places for a rough quote based on moving the tank, 230L sump, stand and hood but I must admit I'm surprised at the amount I'm being told. I had the tank built and delivered for less than the first quote so it sounds a little surprising to me!! Has anyone had any good quotes relating to just the moving of a tank? I don't mind handling the sump, stand and hood as they are the easy parts. I also don't need any setup at the other end... more so just to lift and transport the tank around half an hour away. The tank was originally bought from Lam's, so I may try to get out and see if they will be interested in the job. Unfortunately I have to move in 2 weeks so I may not have time to buy a good set of glazier's suction cups, and the lifting straps look a bit awkward as I have 1 flight of stairs to go down (which is the part which scares me to be honest, no corners to take tho).
  14. Lonx

    water cleaning

    I imagine it'd just be to pickup solids that have settled on the bottom. Being a shop, I doubt they're running any sort of substrate so its just like a quick vacuum.
  15. Lonx

    Garden hose

    Blue drinking grade hose from bunnings here... has a latex lining to prevent any chemicals seeping from the rubber and was around $20 or something. I previously used a generic garden hose and just preferred to get a better one when I moved into an apartment (laundry sink double fitting where washing machine comes off).
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