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  1. How much do you want for the 2217 ?

  2. What comes next?

    crazy stupid expensive. Just because its not in the country. Let who ever breed them, keep hundreds of babies he cant sell for that price - lol At least when Zebra had crazier prices years ago, it was because of its rare presence in nature also.. Fishkeepers kept it alive that way. Im not sure if its still a threatened species or not tho.
  3. What comes next?

    L134, L333, L201, all fairly available. Ive not kept 134, but: 333 can be out fairly regularly, and get big. L201 are interesting nocturnal style to keep. I have a black light over their tank, and feed them of a night, then kick back quietly and watch. They are pretty interesting little plecos. But all can be kept and breed fairly easily. Not always as easy as bristlenose though, so a good step up.
  4. Pep breeding help needed

    Yeh, they love it, they all will like the cucumber too just might take a bit of force feeding. But: like you said if zucchini stays in there overnight, it breaks down too much, that also really fouls the water, you can smell it when you do a water change, its like a foul acidic smell. I just dont like the idea of them living in that. So, only ever enough theyll eat quick, and cucmber for the babies, is what I found helps. Also: mine like butternut pumpkin, and sweet potato, can try that too..
  5. L201 Breeding well. :)

    Thanks mate. Ive got 22 total fry growing out atm, and 18 that still have their egg sacks. They're all not far from the same size, because they were from small spawns all close together. She left the cave 2 nights ago, I was actually lucky enough to see her leave.. As she left - an egg came out with her,, just a single solitary one lol, It seemed like she dropped it on the way out.. not sure if its fertile or not, but, I took it, to see if I can raise a single egg. . Shouldnt be too much different. I had a quick look in with the torch, and it looks like a small-ish clutch again, maybe a max of 15-20. Ill take them from him tomorrow morning.
  6. Pep breeding help needed

    I find cucumber without the seed, and scrape a fork around on the skin, is good for plecos and babies that wont it eat it quickly. The Adult L333 and the Adult Peppermint, are the only ones who get Zucchini - cause its gone overnight, Or converted into a pile of white poop in the corner anyhoo..
  7. Roccio octofasciata - Jack Dempsey

    Mine used to always go BLACK like your female, Is it because of being Split gene You think - he keeps his reflectiveness
  8. L201 Breeding well. :)

    a male has a female trapped as of 2 nights ago, and a spawn of 20 or so eggs last week. Youd think I give these guys ecstasy or something ;-P
  9. Pep breeding help needed

    Congrats mate, sorry bout the late reading PM.. Looks good.
  10. RonnyM's Tanganyikan 6x2 (lots of pics)

    Very nice Post, Good to see their progress. I miss my WC Moba the most of all.
  11. Roccio octofasciata - Jack Dempsey

    Perfect.. Very nice fish.
  12. L201 Breeding well. :)

    Thought I'd share, My L201 have breed for the first time over the last 4 - 5 weeks. I have 4 fish in total, at first I thought I had 4 females. Then: they breed about 5 weeks ago, and I realised obviously 1 is male.. Then: I took them from him about 2 weeks later, there were 6 wrigglers. 1 died, the rest are growing strong as of now. Then: in the 3rd week, another one breed, again, with only 4 wrigglers this time. Then: in the end of 4th into the 5th week another batch of eggs. I took them from him today, and there's around 18 eggs, I let him have them for a few days, so not sure if he ate any or not. But: what Im working out now is: I have 2 females and 2 males. Same male held the eggs, so not 100% yet, but I'm fairly sure the third batch of eggs was from the same female who spawned the first batch of eggs. I find that awesome. to have had her spawn for the 1st and 2nd time with in 5 weeks.. Cheers, Karl. Pictures inc:
  13. Tropheus Ikola Colony - Thanks Jim.

    Very nice. Nothing like a good Tropheus tank
  14. L046, L201, And L201 hatchling video

    Thanks Ged. Yeh, looks that way. I'm pretty sure Ill get them breeding when its time. ill be growing them out, and playing around with other breeders fry growing them out, making a nice colony of my favourites.
  15. L046, L201, And L201 hatchling video

    Thanks Chuck . Oh yeh, seems a few people are breeding them now. Mine are still too young for that. But Im patient. 4 cm fry are around the 650 mark.