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  1. 20cm?!would be cool to have a colony of bristlenoses at that size wouldnt it?wouldnt take em that long to clean up ur tanks If your interested in getting some big girls pm me and we'll talk a deal. Cheers Jim
  2. Hi,i have a female common bristlenose that has reached the 16cm mark at a lil over 2 yrs of age and already looks twice the size of the male i have in with her(10cm). Wats the biggest bristlenose you have seen going around?,and is this a common occurance with this species? Jus wondering. Thanks
  3. jha

    Peacock ID

    Tangerine/orange peacock.Hybrid,but striking display fish. Cheers.
  4. I have tried putting two sara's in the same tank before(4x2x2).One jardini and the other one leichardti.Since jardini's are known to be a lil more agressive and territorial i made sure he was smaller than the leichardti at 20cm and the leichartdi around 35cm.Had them in the same tank for over a yr and dun think they ever got into a serious fight. Peace.
  5. jha

    Green Arrows

    There seems to be a few of these guys getting around lately,has anyone seen them go for under $750?? Thanks Jim
  6. jha

    Lizard Fish

    HI,Was just wondering if anybody heard of or kept a 'Lizard' fish before?and would anyone have a pic of the of the freshwater ones? Thanks.
  7. jha

    Ornate bichir

    Was at a LFS(st johns) the other day and seen it was a closing down sale.Bloke had some small ornates he wanted to sell at $150 each so who evers after one of these should hurry and check it out!
  8. seen some in LFS going for $30 5-6cm.Very nice coloured fish if kept in the right environment. Peace. Jim
  9. Hi,just wondering if anybody's kept turtles with cichilds or other fishes(arrownas,giant goramys..etc) in the same tank as each other and if so do they get along well? Thanks
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