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  1. raffle list

    Yes first allocation of lots for the October Major Auction will be available at the August meeting/AGM/Raffle Kev
  2. Hi Sorroz

    Do you have any sub adult pairs of white calvus avail for sale or spare male? I have a lonely female white calvus looking for her mate. Plz let me know if u have any and price as well. Edwin just introduced you :)






  3. nsw cichlid society major auction

    There were mustax,splendens kiku,helianthus,albino brichardi,daffodils,princess,black calvus,white calvus and gold comps I am sure there were others , I just cant remember them
  4. nsw cichlid society major auction

    Yes that was some of the others ...my brain is still hurting from Saturday Manacapura Angels... (.Red Shoulders ) 2 bags of 5 young fish and 2 bags of 2 medium fish Only 1 Green Petenia splendida which we don't see often in the auctions
  5. nsw cichlid society major auction

    The ones I saw were Hoplarchus psitticus ( True Parrot ) Cichla monoculus ( Peacock Bass ) There probably were others that I did not see go thru There was a pretty good range of species this auction
  6. nsw cichlid society major auction

    Thank you for the reply Can you please send the auction lot number to a committee member so we can look into the Red Empress issue for you . In regard to the Albino Mbuna , I agree with you completely that there seems to be a lot of them coming thru nowadays, but until proven otherwise there is not a lot we can do. The Albino Afra cobue are certainly a new one and are coming from the same member. Please raise the matter at a meeting so we can discuss the Albino issue you have raised Kevin
  7. nsw cichlid society major auction

    Please supply the club with the lot numbers of the hybrids that you purchased so we can look into this matter. Are you saying that all the Red Empress that are being sold are hybids ? what do you base this statement on ? Why are they all hybrids ? what do you base this statement on ? The club has in the past rejected other "Albino " forms such as Cytocara moorii ( Blue Dolphins ) as we had facts that they were actually a hybrid If a species can be proven to be a hybrid then the club will have no problem at all in rejecting them ...and we regularly do reject species. Sorry but again what do you base this statement on ? and yes as you have stated it is basically impossible to prove what an "albino "actually is , and until we have some kind of proof we have to take peoples word as to what they actually are ! If you feel this strongly please bring it up at a meeting so we can discuss it...I personally would have no issues banning all the albino form mbuna or any other species that is questionable if that is what the members want! But people need to remember that "albinos" do appear naturally and can be bred to only produce albino off spring eg. Albino Neolamprologus brichardi as one species . I personally have a few albino Julidochromis ornatus, that came from one spawn and with a lot of time and some work it may be possible to get them to throw pure albino fry ..Then someone can call them hybrids as well I guess. Regards Kevin
  8. Black calvus

    2 girls from me also Top pic is 100% girl At least adding a male is easier but you will need a bigger tank
  9. Sending fish

    Hope it all works out for you
  10. Sending fish

    Hi Fisho.. you may also want to have a look on the map ( if you have not already ) and get an idea of how far it is from Manly to the Airport or to Campsie where Labyrinth is . The shipping part is easy.... the travel is going to be your problem I would guess. Kevin

    450 odd lots I think ...very few passed in ...a good range of species...and I was driving out the gate at 10pm
  12. Is it worth repairing a broken bridge ?

    Bridges are an easy fix ...just clean off all the old silastic , refit the bridge with aquarium safe glazing silastic and tape from front to back with duct tape in a few spots to pull it back into shape and leave on for a couple of days till it sets .
  13. The only thing I bought were raffle tickets lol Fish sold well generally
  14. Jalo reef

    Please resist the temptation to add any more fish until things stabilise for at least a few weeks and then only a couple at a time .
  15. Jalo reef

    So you are still sorting out and stabilising your tank and water chemistry and adding new fish at the same time ?