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  1. It wasn't, but looking up your suggestion helped me find the one I was looking for - thanks. It's Puntius Denisonii or Denison's Barb.
  2. HI all, I need your help to remember the name of a fish. I used to know it but can't remember it anymore and all the googling in the world hasn't seemed to help me. It looks like a siamese algae eater but with a red and yellow stripe. I think it comes from India and was all the rage a few years ago. Thanks, Ash
  3. Hi all, I'm heading overseas soon and am putting my tank into hibernation mode at the folks place. I've sold my tropheus, but will keep my calvus. I've been growing them for 3 years now and don't want to start again when I return. The plan is to under stock the tank so my parents don't have to clean the filters (for 12 months) and only need to change water every three months. There are around 10 anubias to consume some nitrates which should thrive now that the trophs are gone. The tank is a 5 x 2 x 2 and is filtered by two Eheim 2080s. The occupants will be: 8 x black calvus 8 x synodontis petricola 1 x peppermint bnose As you can imagine, the tank will look quite empty as these guys aren't big swimmers. I'm looking for advice on any hardy fish I can add which will create some movement. I'm not fussed where they're from as long and they aren't too expensive and can survive without constant water changes. Thanks, Ash
  4. Hi All, I have an Eheim 2224 which does not leak when running, works perfectly. But when it's turned off, water leaks quite quickly from between the pump head and the bucket. I'm assuming this is because the gasket around the pump head has worn out, but while it's running water is moved away from the area and into the outlet tube, so it doesn't leak. Does anyone has any ideas how to fix this? Is the gasket easy to replace? Thanks in advance. Ash
  5. Hi all, I thought I'd post the results of my repairs. After multiple thick coats of Araldite (chosen because it's water-resistant and bonds to plastic) the canister is watertight again. Pls note I applied around 4 coats, all of them thick, and each coat was cured around 2 weeks. If anyone else is trying to fix a cannister bucket, I can confirm that Araldite works. Regards, Ash
  6. My method is similar to Skippy. Use clear poly hosing (similar to what comes with your gravel vac) available by the metre from Clarks. Attaches to your gravel vac without any fittings needed, other end into sink or garden. For refilling, the poly hose fits onto my laundry tap without fittings and I pump the correct temp water in straight from the mains. Yes, I play water ager roulette directly into the tank every time I change water.
  7. Hi All, I'm trying to fix a cracked Eheim canister bucket and would appreciate any advice, especially from someone who has attempted it before. Crack is in the bottom corner and piece has completely seperated, but still fits in place perfectly. I'm debating between superglue/other epoxys on the outside and silicon on the inside. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks, Ash
  8. Went down Turks today, they don't stock NEC anymore and told me this now holds for all Turks stores. Maybe others who've been recently can confirm or refute this. Bunnings has NEC tri and quad phosphor, but not daylight, only cool white, warm white etc. Ended up buying Osram and GE daylight tubes from Turks, 6500k, $26 for 2x2ft & 2x3ft. They told me the spectrum was the same.
  9. Sorry, searched again, saw the 'Daylight' in the recommendation. In the same vein, does anyone use Biolux?
  10. Hi all, Did some research on NEC tubes after reading the recommendations on this forum. I'm not sure which tube is the recommended one. Planning to keep mbuna with anubias/java fern in a 5x2x2. Available are: Natural (5000k) Daylight (6700k) Biolux - specific for aquariums There are also high grade and quad-phosphor options. Which tubes do you guys use? Thanks, Ash
  11. Hi guys, Setting up a mbuna display tank, and thinking about including some petricola. A few questions for people who've had them? - Will they stop mbuna spawning at all? - Will they stop successful release of mbuna fry (I'm not planning on breeding, just watching breeding behaviour. It's not a problem if fry get eaten after release) - Will they be active in the tank during the day, or primarily hide away and come out at night - How useful are they for scavnging? Thanks for your help. Ash
  12. Thanks all, and especially mcloughlin2 for the detailed response. You have a well made point regarding the hood, I'll have to take a better look at it and check whether it can be modified to reduce the hassle. (e.g. extending the circular opening to the base of the hood to allow it to be lifted off) I was a little worried about the cabinet as well (I think it's chipboard). Considered painting all edges and exposed wood before assembly and then sealing it again with silicone or 'no more gaps' after. Your comments on the filters are a little troubling. I've read a lot of feedback on the forums so far, and it's fair to say it's very polarised. Some people have had disasters and others are extremely happy. Are there any other brands you recommend? I used to have an Eheim but I'm not sure the price premium is worth it anymore.
  13. Hi mate, I used to have a 4ft planted tank and I found a mixture of BN (3) and Siamese algae eaters (2) kept the tank perfectly clean. The SAEs were good for cleaning algea off small leaves which the BN couldn't do. Didn't have discus so don't know about compatibility issues. Ash
  14. Hi All, Returning to the hobby after a few years away. Have been checking out tanks and like the look of the AquaNova RH -120 [ 120(L) x 43.5(W) x 90(H) ] I like the visual aspect of having the tank closer the eye level (previous tank was a 4ft standard for which I had to crouch down to get a good look at the fish) My questions are: 1) Does anyone have any feedback on this tank? (I'm planning on running a canister along with the supplied filter) 2) Does anyone have any experience in cleaning a 90cm deep tank? I used to clean the glass on the previous tank by sticking my arm in with a dish sponge which won't be possible with this one. Thanks in advance for your help. Planning on an mbuna tank btw, if this makes the height of the tank more/less relevant. Ash
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