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  1. Brettmck

    Norm Halliwell's latest e-mails

    Matt, I think that letter is as good a place to start as any, passion is everything. I will send a new round of letters again and speak to a few contacts here about the latest news on whats happening. Like most things many will criticize few will act, but few is better than none.
  2. Brettmck

    Norm Halliwell's latest e-mails

    I was involved in writing many a letter back in 2008 here in NT, and every response was 'not interested' or 'not worth the votes'. using more traditional domestic pets like cats and dogs is a perfectly good tactic as it generates a much greater emotional response. Have you ever dealt with cat people! Imagine telling them that they could no longer own their precious pets. You would get death threats. Hobbyist involvement is like having the general public oppose the mining tax, not going to be listened to. But when the mining company CEO's get together and talk about job losses and removal of money from the economy at the lowest level then people listen. Agree we need to keep the rant out of the argument but there is no harm in playing the emotional and economic cards, everyone else does.
  3. Brettmck

    Norm Halliwell's latest e-mails

    If they do this to us then I will make sure they ban cats in Australia! they do more damage then any other domestic animal. How is it that this can be imposed on one group of hobbyists and not others... I'd like to know what the industry members are really doing to stop this rubbish.
  4. Brettmck

    random pictures of my fish :)

    Awesome Red Empress but P. Electra is one of my fav fish! very nice male, do you any other pics Brett
  5. Brettmck

    Anther cycling Question

    why not just use SERA Nitravec.... simple easy and hassle free and tank ready in 7-10 days every time
  6. Brettmck

    Cool little shrimp

    SLS were not responsible for importing these shrimp. They have a life span of 18 months to two years and take approx 6 months to mature. CRS a particularly sensitive to water quality and i have found out the hard way. =$$$$. The first pic in rats post is an S grade. the second is SS and called HINOMARU. If you want more info try looking at malaysian aquascaping club website www.my-mac.net This is were i have been getting most of my help on breeding, sexing, and genetics to improve grades. also try shrimpnow,com from singapore. these are great fro planted tanks, but i have mine in shrimp only tanks. there is also a black version called Bee shrimp or some times Diamond shrimp. graded same way based on solidness of colour and amount of white. I started with C grade, and now upto A (very limited number.) some of my shrimplets are only 1mm long and already show true colour.
  7. Brettmck


    Crn of Botany road and anzac parade, The crytal red shrimp are very good but will not be suitable with those fish as they are too small, lucky if they hit the bottom of the tank! Brett
  8. Brettmck

    De-Nitrate filters

    I know there has been a few posts regarding these in the past, inc how to make your own. I have the Aqua-medic nitrate-reductor 1000 and just added it to my display tank. I was wondering if anyone else has been using this brand and any tips they might have or problems encountered. it is rated upto use for 1000L system so it i get good results will get another one. One issue i have at the moment in setup is feeding. how do you work out the correct amount of powder to add. and when i use the syringe to add it how much of the food do you think come out the drop counter? any advice appreciated Brett
  9. Brettmck

    Post pics of your other pets here

    Hey barnesy, what are the birds in your last photo? are they finches? Brett
  10. Brettmck

    Breeding Clown Loaches

    Hey if anyone wants to have a crack at injecting them, i can give you all my notes or i'll do it for them. have been asked to do it with bichirs, they are prepared to get the oviprim and correct guage needles, but i'd prefer to look inside one that has died before doing it. Injection always carries some risk as with any surgical procedure, but the offers open ** i accept no responsibility for dead fish** As for the in depth articles.... I could write one about breeding L46's.....doesn't mean i've done it !!
  11. Brettmck

    Breeding Clown Loaches

    That article is from 96/97, nearly ten years.... so why hasn't more gone into breeding outside of the wild environment or any reports since . I would put this down to a one freakish event.... but thats just my opinion. Brett
  12. Brettmck

    Breeding Clown Loaches

    No reports of successful breeding in captivity, by success i mean fry of any sort. I've had a fair bit of experience in aquaculture and injecting fish in order to strip them of eggs and sperm, or to induce breeding. Have seen first hand very large clowns injected which resulted in egg scattering but for no result. I think it would be almost near impossible to recreate their home environment. For more info try searching for info on Curtain Uni of Technology, Aquaculture Dept. they might still be some stuff there. definately find info on injecting fish if your interested. Brett
  13. Brettmck

    Tang shots!

    Hey Ben, One of my smallest ones is starting to sparkle as well, and thats at 4cm Brett
  14. Brettmck

    N. Pulcher FRY!

    Congrats ! Hi, I have multiple spawns at the moment and to be honest i'm not feeding for the fry specific. The parents are very good and will take food to them and break it up. They do such a good job at it that the fry look like little balloons and i am feeding very lightly at the moment. Expect a second spawn at about 3-4 weeks where the fry you have now will guard the new ones. The cycle has started ! Brett
  15. Brettmck

    Pseudotropheus sp. Msobo

    TB is easily passed between species. My mate caught a form of TB from a possum that bit him ! mind you he was drunk, naked and chasing it through the bush so he can't really complain.... Brett