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  1. starting to build tang tank

    Short answer is NO
  2. starting to build tang tank

    Amazing build! Looks like your tank will have water before mine! You Barbarian!
  3. big tank

    you will need a metal 'cage' or frame to support the plywood (ideally structutal plywood for strength), otherwise your plywood will bow... from memory an aussie guy by the name of greenterra put plans up of his build, but he used all-timber supports & fibreglass. as for $200 for a glass pane, i can't see a big enough pane to cover a 'wall to wall' tank for $200 - i could be wrong. also, from MFKs, some of these pondarmor tanks have sprung leaks, and a friend of mine reckons this is because the plywood walls bowed or flexed causing cracks ??? what you want to do is possible, but from what im told you have to use stuff like sikaflex along all the corners for waterproofing prior to applying 3-4 good coats of pondarmor or liquid rubber. disclaimer: im not a builder nor have i build anything in my life, so take all these information with caution
  4. Cool water cichlids and fishes?

    Green terrors.... I had some in 15 degree water for a couple of weeks (obviously they had all of summer and autumn to get used to this low temp)
  5. Sciaenochromis ahli

    I could be wrong but I saw these in a Melbourne LFS not long ago, but have since all been sold... I won't name the shop as they are not a sponsor, but will say this: it was the same shop that had the blue-lips
  6. Fish Room - 2nd attempt!

    So I hit a small hurdle... Looks like I can't use the Acraprime primer/sealer as it won't adhere properly to newly plastered blueboard (apparently a different type of plaster needed to be used) any how, looks like I need a proper solvent based sealer binder... Trip to masters or bunnings looks like.
  7. Fish Room - 2nd attempt!

    Thanks mate... hire a spray gun? I must admit it never occurred to me as I have never used one before so don't know how confident I am in using it, but I guess having met me & judged/seen my poor motor skills in action, and still advise me using one, you must have faith in me not stuffing it up - thanks for the kind words man ,) Yeah man, go figure! i was set on the british paints sealer as suggested earlier but this particular topcoat needs its own matching sealer/primer.A big thank you to you and everyone else who contributed, it's good to know more knowledgeable fellow aquarist and pick their brains for a project or 2.
  8. Fish Room - 2nd attempt!

    Right! now we are cooking! On lunch break went to see the local Dulux store/Inspiration Paint and had a chat with them. They basically concurred with everything that was said by Paint Spot (2-pack polyurethane recommended)…. Anyhow he made a call to their technical HQ and came back with the following solution (since I told him I want a product I can apply myself & preferably not oil-based) He suggested Dulux Acra-Tex Acraprime as the sealer – 1 x coat http://www.dulux.com.au/specifier/product/dulux-acratex/preparation/primers--sealers/product-detail?product=2401 And for top coat – Dulex Acra-Tex Acrashield – 2 x coats http://www.dulux.com.au/specifier/product/dulux-acratex/protective-topcoats/elastomeric-shieldcoats/product-detail?product=7311 He told me this Acrashield product is used in operating theatres, indoor swimming pool rooms, high rise building facades – places where you want the paint to last 20+ years with no/minimal paint maintenance… it comes in Matt finish so wont have ‘glancing light’ issues from the downlights, easy to clean, and apparently 2 coats of this stuff is comparable to 10 coats of paint. Only thing I have to be worry about is when Im doing corners I have to keep the cutting ‘wet’ & roll at the same time so I don’t leave a frame-like finish on the wall. Anyways, so I bought the primer (cause you need to use that primer for the Acrashield), and with luck I should be painting first thing tomorrow morning…
  9. Fish Room - 2nd attempt!

    Ok, just went and saw the experts at Paint Spot. I told them I have WR blueboard-lined garage requiring a: Quality sealQuality top coatFor the purposes of enduring extreme humidity due to installing an indoor ‘7000 liter lap pool’ (I have long given up telling people it’s for a big fish tank as they can’t believe/comprehend the size of it, it just doesn’t click & assume it’s only a standard, regular sized tank) Anyways, in his professional opinion this is what he told me: Seal – any good quality seal will suffice, solvent or acrylic it doesn’t matter; British Paints, etc.Top coat – this is where he stumped me….He recommended to use, in the following order: 2-pack polyurethane paint (ammolock brand? Apologies for the spelling, but I just couldn’t find it using google)It comes in 5L kits with a 60sqm coverage, so I would need 2xkits = 2 coats He said it is usually used in flooring, so it has a glossy / satin look to it; mould will still grow if the room is not ventilated properly, but its washable. Strongly recommends a professional applies it because everyday Joes like me will leave roller marks, etc. Oil-based paint (as I did before) Bathroom Paint – he wouldn’t even consider using it… he said “its just normal, water/acrylic based paint with a mould inhibitor, and in his firm opinion/experience IT WILL NOT endure the humidity in the long run.But wait, here comes the kick in the guts, he said 2-pack polyurethane paint could have been painted over my original normal plasterboard (before I organised for the villaboard) and acted as a complete sealer! The money / time I could have saved, man that hurts. Anyhow I got 2 numbers off people that professional apply it, and when I called them both, they both asked instinctively if it was for the floor…. Ideally I want something I can apply myself as I already have spent enough. As much as I hate to admit it, it looks like I will be doing the same thing I did for the villaboard: Sealer = 1x coat, oil-basedTop coats = 2x coats, oil-based paint And I have to hurry too, as its been raining heavily these past couple of days here in Melbourne, and as Buccal said in my other thread, humidity can creep beneath my plaster joints if left too long
  10. Fish Room - 2nd attempt!

    Thanks mate. Going to my local Paint Spot store this morning to get sealer/primer and topcoat - wish me luck - Geronimo!
  11. Fish Room - 2nd attempt!

    Unfortunately with the passing of time ~ 11 months, I think I will just be p***ing in the wind. i have emailed the guy and heard nothing. So I’m really confused now… I just paid a visit to my local timber & hardware and I saw this ‘blue’ waterproofing/primer product mentioned, but it clearly says for application under tiles, and the finish quality looks VERY rough (not what I would like)… it also says the surface must be clean & free from dust, so does this means I will have to: - First apply 1x coat of a sealer, - then apply this blue waterproofing/primer agent - before applying 2 x top coats???? This sounds like a lot of work, considering its 60sqm all up, and not to mention its bloody expensive, and the coverage per 1 litre is like 8sqm. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Fish Room - 2nd attempt!

    yeah man, my fingers do some heavy typing at work sometimes danger money i get wouldnt even cover carpal tunnel treatment. re: those stands... i hate to be the poor soul building something to hold 7 tonnes of water plus whatever the glass weighs ... that reminds me I'm going to have to talk to my insurance provider before i fill it
  13. Fish Room - 2nd attempt!

    Yeah that's right, feed the fish in between sets At this stage the tank will be 1 huge one or 2 large ones ... 5x1.2x1.2m vs (2x) 8'x4'x4', pending price & practicality.
  14. Fish Room - 2nd attempt!

    Yeah man it hurt... Especially when I think how I stayed up till 4-5am on three different occasions painting after work, and then after 2 hours of sleep, back to work again... Then the 2-3 days I spent sanding & chiseling all the plaster off the villaboard because I thought I could still save it... Not to mention the money i paid the gumby to do the original work - that could have bought my a/c split system The story of my life.
  15. Fish Room - 2nd attempt!

    Thanks mate, will look out for the wet area undercoat sealer, hopefully is not too much as I have roughly ~ 60sqm to paint. Also re: the tar, I know where you are coming from and I was going to use a wet area silicone which I believe will be as effective as the pond tar... Maybe somebody can chime in and confirm this?