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  1. sticks


    They have only scratched the surface There are still many areas to be looked at as most collecting has only been done at road crossings and easy to access areas. .
  2. sticks


    Hi all our guest speaker will be Keith Martin. "Rainbowfishes of the Queensland Wet Tropics" Keith will update us on some new findings and of course there will be lots of Keith's wonderful photos as well. This is one meeting not to be missed. Tuesday 4th September 7pm Australian Museum Cultural Space Please use William St entrance and advise security you are going to the ANGFA meeting they will direct you. Regards Ian
  3. sticks

    ACI Sand

    Has anyone used this before I came across it at B C sand and soil ACI Sand A kiln dried sand. Used on synthetic grass tennis courts Ian
  4. sticks

    NLS question and testimonial

    I've used NSL for 4 years now on rainbows and other stuff it's the best. Ian
  5. sticks

    Gold Coast LFS

    Going to the Gold Coast tomorrow for a week can anyone recomend some good LFS's to visit. Interested in Killifish ,Aus Natives and Cichlids of course. Ian
  6. sticks

    Peruvian Altum Angelfish

    Beautiful fish just as nature intended far better than all those man made imposters.
  7. sticks

    Xenotilapia spilopterus

    Top fish Bruce I'd be up for some fry if you get any. Ian
  8. sticks

    Apistogramma cacatoides 'Double Red' spawn

    Youre right Craig Double & triple reds man made German I think.
  9. sticks

    Breeders Register

    I agree with Hunqsta they should be in order of last updated. Sticks
  10. Love those fish WAZ got to get hold of some. Sticks
  11. sticks

    Flame backs

    I recently purchased some flame backs labeled (H.Nyererei Igombe) from a local aquarium. I have read that there are a number of different forms of flame backs, are there other forms available in AUST. and is Igombe valid. STICKS
  12. sticks

    Xenotilapia sp. "red princess"

    Hi Guys Also been trying to contact SOOTY for over two weeks without any luck re: some fish I was supost to pick up. Can't understand why he's so popular. STICKS
  13. sticks

    Lake Victorians

    Thanks WAZ Saw cobaltcraig's fish today look great. Sooty save us from these inbreds. I for one would be interested in anything new. Sticks
  14. sticks

    Rainbowfish ID please? with pic

    Better late than never as I'm new to this forum, but having kept and collected Rainbows for the last 30 years I can say the fish in question is most likely the G. Incisus / M. Boesmani cross mentioned earlier. As for the other Bows in the tank yes they are Australis probably Alligator river N.T.
  15. sticks

    Lake Victorians

    Is anyone keeping Neochromis Nigricans or A. Lividis Or any other Lake Vic's