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  1. thanks Rob,there is 1 male and 3 female fosso's and 2 of each bucco's Phil
  2. hi all,i was thinking of putting my 4 fossorochromis rostratus and 4 buccochromis spectabillis together in a 6x2x18,bucco's are about 14cm and fosso's about17cm, comments appreciated Phil
  3. thought i'd share a few random photo's Phil
  4. got some 1cm fry i could sell you
  5. get a 2ft T5 quad,you'll be surprised at the result
  6. i think its the one at cobbitty for exotics,could be wrong but thats the one all vets i spoke to referred me to but every time i rang he was always out on a job. Phil
  7. i've only got 1 300watt heater in the sump for my 7x2x2 and don't have any problems
  8. send Josh a PM,he has photo's of his,if not i can take photo's of mine. Phil
  9. a non scratch scourer and bicarb soda also works
  10. thought i'd share a few pics of the new additions(calvus and ventralis) Phil
  11. rosco it is the same camera as yours,a canon 400d Phil
  12. thanks Aline, thats what i thought they were,i origanally had them at my place in a tank on there own and since then they have never been with any thing else apart from a second colony of duboisi we have growing up. thats cleared that problem up (chipimbi not moliro). thanks heaps Phil
  13. duboisi are currently breeding,others still growing.all in seperate tanks except for kiku/ikola together and duboisi/ilangi together. Phil
  14. he'd eat her for breakfast Waz,if there ends up being 2 females i'll give ya 1 Phil
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