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  1. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    Hi just off an advert locally , my fault I didn't research before I bought them and I just needed some fish to cycle my new tank after my previous tank leaked. But now I am restocking and would like to offload some , but won't if they are hybrids
  2. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    Thanks so much for replying, it was sold to me as a hongi?
  3. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    No takers??
  4. Just wondering if this is s crossed fish? I have babies galore but need to know if they are pure?
  5. Looking for fine bubbles

    Hi I am after some fine bubbles for my tank. I have seen like a wave maker that does this ? I am after some more movement in my tank
  6. Help my tank is leaking!

    Ok thanks!
  7. Help my tank is leaking!

    Thanks ,just one problem the new tank has to go in the exact same place as the existing one so hard to transfer at once,but I have got a few quotes it's not going to cost as much as I thought . I have a three footer I am just checking now for leaks and will transfer as much as I can to keep the bacteria going with the canister and a couple of sponge filters that are running as well. Will that be enough? Will the rest of the substrate and rocks keep the bacteria if I put them in the rest of the existing water,or as much as I could fit anyway,and put an air stone in maybe a new plastic garbage bin? God this hobby can be expensive! But I love it!
  8. Help my tank is leaking!

    Ha ha I think I have a big enough tank to handle chopstick Mike! I spend enough time on it now! Update- gold seal didn't work? I agree I should have got all the silicon off, anyway I have decided to dismantle and buy a new one,I think it is easier as I don't know anything about re- doing the silicon and think the safest option would be to go new and get another 17 years of no leaks.My questions begin: 1. Before I set up a temporary smaller tank for my fish with my current canister and some of the existing substrate and rock does anyone know of anyone that might come to my house and repair my empty tank? Paid job of course 2.Does anyone have any tips to keep my bacteria alive, will the above idea be enough? 3. Any suggestions for a good tank builder near me? Macarthur region,I was thinking Abyss?Any ideas? I think that is all for now any suggestions will be appreciated,I know I seem like this is a big deal but my hubby and sons are not exactly helpful in this matter,supportive ,but not helpful lol!
  9. Help my tank is leaking!

    Ok thanks, the leak is actually about 1/4 of the way down so for the moment I have been able to drop the water and stop the leak until I decide how to fix it,thanks again!
  10. Help my tank is leaking!

    certainly does!
  11. Help my tank is leaking!

    Came home to a huge puddle on the floor,it looks to be leaking from the front corner. I am trying to work out the best option as it is a 5x2x2 tank heaps of rocks etc,and I don't want to set up another tank and drain this one. Has anyone used the gold label seal product? I have heard great reports and have purchased some just wanted to know of any feedback and if this doesn't work has anyone successfully repaired a tank?
  12. water buffer questions

    Hi,i have been using epsom salts and baking soda for a year now to get my water parameters right.I first found this recipe on a overseas forum.If i mention that i use this people have a hissy fit!Saying that you have to use rift lake salts etc.i have just searched here and found that some aussies use this too.What are your opinions on this?I use to swear by it but have recently lost nearly all my fish with sunken bellies and the man at the fish shop said it was because i have been using epsom salts at water changes?
  13. treatment for sick yellows

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knows the name of a tablet I was given for my electric yellows when they were sick.I think they had bloat at the time and the lfs went out the back and told me to treat the tank with this tablet.I know its not much to go on but I thought just someone might have had the same treatment.Anyway it was excellent ,it saved a lot of my fish I thought I was going to lose.
  14. Canister Filter Tap Leaking

    hi this happened to me also ,I bought more taps it apparently is caused by over tightening when putting the taps back on
  15. catching yellow labs with a mouthful

    Thanks for all your ideas i'll keep trying.