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  1. I feed these to my Discus. I also have some drums about to collect them. Not many around this time of year in my area though.
  2. Stunners mate well done. What is this strain called? Cheers. Todd
  3. Well done mate you must be stoked. Your tank looks fantastic. Thanks for shareing. I have a few Questions... Do you run a UV sterilizer? What substrate and lighting are you using? Cheers Todd.
  4. G'day just wondering if anyone has used bbq rocks in sumps? They say none toxic but I dont know if the will effect ph and hardness. Thanks Todd
  5. Wow stunning, what sort of Angels are they. Are they Wild? Todd
  6. I have a 5year old Aqua One 1200. Hav'nt had any dramas with it. I find Aqua Nova's to be as good if not better and very cheap$. Todd
  7. My set up is a 3.5x3.5m cool room panels inside a single brick garage. Its in a corner I have cool room panels on front one side and ceiling the back and other side have batts with ply over top. Its working well atm even though the Door (also cool room panel) is not seald yet. I will get photo's soon. Todd
  8. Never used either. I also use Aqua Star from AOA. Todd
  9. mr troph

    New Pics

    Nice fish Josh. Love the Discus especially. I'm heading down the Discus path atm. I have 8 young adults lined up to buy. Todd
  10. Looks great Shane. Exellent Job. Todd
  11. G'day mate. I am planning on getting a colony of WC Tropheus and a few Gobies of some sort. Todd
  12. Wow they are some quality Discus indeed Todd
  13. Could be worse, Imagine some submerged lights the Trophs would love them
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