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  1. Availability of these beautiful Americans

    The fry you have available bilby jr. are they a friends swirled face or your spotted face?
  2. Availability of these beautiful Americans

    ok i have found some interesting information here in the proper identification of these guys Satanoperca sp. "Sinuous" would be good to get some feedback on what ppls thoughts are. from what i can tell is that these guys were missidentified as Satanoperca acuticeps and are definatly not as described in South Amercian Eartheaters by Thomas Weidner. As far as Satanaperca Mapiritensis go the head shape in Aqualog Southamerican Cichlids one, the head shape seems identical to my fish but the the mapiritensis has much smaller spotting and in the Thomas Weidner book the fish pictured is juvenile but however they seem to look totally different. In the aqualog there are leucosticta that look very similar to mine but lack the swirling in the face that mine have.
  3. Availability of these beautiful Americans

    Gday all, to save confusion i have some pics to show the actual fish in question. these guys i have kept for the last 3 years and find them to be a totally different fish in comparison with the more common Geophagus leucosticta that have the spotting through the face. I have spawned these fish over 12 months ago and am keeping the juveniles that are 10cm now. im keeping them as back up just in case. Due to lack of knowlage or ognorance these fish have been crossed i say this as i have bought some common leucosticta off an unamed breeder and have found with age the face patterning has to much differentiation ie. some have swirling and some have spotting. As far as colouration goes with the swirling and body it can vary from what angle you are veiwing the fish from as with the example with the photos below. from certain angles the fish displays a very bright jade green to a very bright aqua blue. without confusing things any futher here are the pics of the 11 Inch adults. ps if there are any problems with pic sizes let spooky know as he posted them up for me
  4. Blue Gourami? Unknown fish

    It's an african cichlid and I would recomed getting it out asap or you won't have the rest of the fish in your tank to long (not to mention the differece in the required water conditions). As for the lfs thats a discrace selling that as a gourami, I would return it and ask for a refund and in future go to a shop that knows the difference!
  5. A tought cat

    I woudn't recomed a pictus cat it will most likely get swallowed with the chance of getting its spines lodged in the predators throat and you would most likely loose them both. Yabbies with fish can be deadly too I've seen largish cichlids taken down by a hungry yabbie at night.
  6. My peppermints aren't eating

    G'day Dave I had huge problems getting baby peppermints eating when I first bred these guys and what I found worked well was raw spinich leaves (changed daily) and tetra bits. Another problem was water changes, I lost a lot in the begining every time a water change was done so I started using water from a large display tank and lost very few after that. Almost forgot I also kept changing wood from other tanks that have no cats in them they seem to like the soft film on the wood. This is my experience only and I'm sure that other breeders would have a few more to add too the list :D
  7. Using plant ferta;iser in a Malawi tank..

    I use plant food in most of my planted tanks and have found that plants that are attatched to wood require plant food more than the ones that have their roots burried as these ones have more access to nutriants in the gravel. I'm no plant expert or even close this is only my observation.
  8. How to calm jumpy fish?

    Toxins in the water can cause fish to become jumpy ie: ammonia/nitrite and high levels of nitrate as montioned in a previous post usually is the cause. Could also be a neg. reation to any medications used recently so the use of carbon will fix that. Sometimes fish just get spooked and loose the feeling of security in their home. If movement around the tank spooks them then you can try puting a small fan infront with a ribbon tied to it so that it flaps gentaly infront of the tank for a while (I've seen this used with jumpy fish such as sarratogas with great sucess). They soon get used to constant movement. Plants in the tank that flap around in current can also help. Hope the advice helps your problem :D
  9. Dither/Target Fish For Altolamprologus

    Lepto's would be a great dither fish for alto's, I've kept them togeahter with no problems. Great shape and color contrast too.
  10. Neolamprologus

    Never heard of silver sexies
  11. Need some help with egg tumbling

    In an uplift tumbler I would recomed no more than 15-20 depending on size of eggs, larger eggs less would be prefered.
  12. Neolamprologus

    I think that if you bought them as sexfasciatus you will find that they are gold. I don't think that the blue sexies are in Aust. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  13. Tumblers

    Try asking a breeder in your area they might help out. I've made some for locals, you can only ask!
  14. what is ur handle being named after ?

    No rocket science needed to work out "Geoffagus" :D
  15. Ghost Knife Fish

    In my experience i've don it and it worked for a while hovever the ghost had the tip of his tail bitten which led to the rest of the fish just picking on him so I moved him to another tank. Another time I had him with some earth eaters for a while until they kept breaking out with different diseases, the cause was the ghost, at night he was harrasing them. Mates have had them with no problems so it might just be luck of the draw.