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  1. Hi guys, Im looking into keeping a tank of South Americans, Geophagus particularly. Can anyone help me locate them in the Sydney area? Whether it be breeders, local fish shops, etc. I haven’t decided on a specific type as yet, just curious as to what is out there and available. Thanks James.
  2. Cheers guys. Ill try moving the flow from the inlet pipe like you've suggested buccal. I think that might be my issue. See how it goes.
  3. Just realised I'm actually using a Laguna 5000 on this tank. Does 5000l/hr. Still get a few dead spots where waste builds up. Would the extra flow from a wave maker be beneficial for the frontosa? In terms of making them swim around a bit more. The tend to be fairly docile and not move much, in general. Cheers
  4. Hi guys, I'm thinking of putting a power head or wave maker into my 6x2 because I'm noticing a few dead spots where waste is collecting in the tank that I'm having to vacuum out regularly. I currently have 10 kitumba fronts in with a few gold comps and calvus and want to know if they will have an issue with a stronger current running? Or is it beneficial for them? They are only 6-10cm. I'm already running a 3 foot sump with a 700 litre per hour pump. But I'm thinking I need the additional circulation to clean up the water. Thanks
  5. Nice looking setup and fish mate. Great photos too.
  6. JamesF

    UV Sterilisers

    Obviously info that I had read is incorrect about reducing nitrates, etc. I do plenty of water changes and clean the algae from the glass every month or so, just always looking for others ways to cut down on time spent on cleaning, Thanks for the info.
  7. JamesF

    UV Sterilisers

    Is anyone using these on there tang or malawi setups? I have been doing a little bit of research on them, just because I don't know much about them and have also heard apart from clarifying water, they reduce nitrates, parasites and kill off algae, etc. So I guess it's can just be another safe guard for the fish, especially when purchasing rarer, more expensive wild caughts, etc. So I have thought of possibly adding one to one of my Zaire frontosa tanks, one of which I have slightly higher nitrate levels, and being close to a window it has a bit of algae growth at times. Just curious on whether anyone has had good results with these units, and whether you think they are a good investment? or are they just overkill, and not a necessity? Cheers James
  8. I make my own, from marine salts, epsom salts and bi carb soda. Pretty cheap when you do it this way and my tropheus and calvus breed continuously. Ratio's of each depend on your tap water.
  9. Nice fish mate! I like the blue markings on the head..
  10. lol ... I snuck the tank build into the design of the house.... and the cost was actually pretty minimal compared to building an in wall tank of an existing home and pulling out plaster, re supporting walls, etc.
  11. Pic of the tank setup in the hallway, opposite stair case....Crap photo.. sorry
  12. Thanks guys, Mace990 I am actually making a stainless border to go around the tank in the hallway... The tank sits opposite staircase which has stainless railings, so i think it'll blend... Cheers for the comments. PS... The T. ikola are still for sale...
  13. JamesF


    You should try and track down the LED strip lighting, I use it on my 6x2x2. I have 4 lots of 6ft strips that I stuck to a piece of ply, you can get dimmers attached also.. they work well.
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