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  1. Hi, I just had a question about my kitumba Frontosas, my colony seems to be having a few issues, their fins are tucked in most of the time and flicker their top fins a lot and also has a red line across the top fin, they also bend/contort their bodies and some of them use their side fins and rub their bodies and anal areas, also they tend to spend a lot of time on the bottom of the tank. I've used tetra parasite a few months ago and seemed to help quite a bit but it's all coming back again. What would you recommend me to treat with? I was just about to order some prazipro but read somewhere it has the same ingredients as tetra parasite. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tony
  2. Wanted livebearers in Canberra

    Hi guys, I'm just setting up a 3 foot tank for the kids and need some livebearers. If you have any for sale please call or email. Also plants if available. Thanks, Tony. 0403223921 TTS.TILING@YAHOO.COM.AU