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    Recommend any tank removalists?

    Thanks for the info.
  2. sofiko

    Buying used Matrix media

    To cut costs, I'm looking at purchasing some used matrix media. Are there any risks with doings so? - like it being previously contaminated with medications/chemicals. The seller had been using the matrix in his marine tank, for a while. Are there any other problems to think about?
  3. sofiko

    Buying used Matrix media

    This matrix had been used in a saltwater tank, however, the seller's closed down the sw tank and the matrix media (8 litres) has been lying idle for a couple of months. Still for peace of mind, I'll look at treating the matrix further, before adding to my fw tank. Appreciate all your helpful comments
  4. sofiko

    Buying used Matrix media

    Seachem's Matrix Thanks for all your comments I'll take on your advice and "treat" the used matrix for any nasties, before placing it in my filter.
  5. sofiko

    american vids

    Amazing looking fish. Thanks for the vids.
  6. sofiko

    Aqua clear 110

    I've got two AC110's, one running on each of my 4x18x18. Highly recommend them. Always had crystal clear water. Very silent running. Heaps of water turnover (1800 lph). Very easy to clean and you could put any media you want in them or just stay with what media comes with it. Low power usage (20 watts, from memory)
  7. sofiko

    Best LFS for AMERICAN cichlids in Sydney?

    In terms of retailers, the best retailer for Americans is 'Riverside Aquarium' at Campsie, though pricey. Asquith and Auburn Aquariums are good value and both have a large variety, good clean displays and excellent customer service. 'Total Marine' at moorebank - is also worth a visit. St George is mainly Africans and Marine with only a few americans. Your best bet however, would be to seek out the breeders of those varieties you're interested in.
  8. sofiko

    Frontosa gone very disappointed

    Hey George, Sorry for your loss. I've also learn't that lesson the hard way. Now I'm always careful before I leave the tank. Alex
  9. sofiko

    Aquarium safe silicon

    I bought some rhodosil v2 (clear) silicone about 2 weeks ago at St George Aquariums for $10
  10. sofiko

    Aquarium safe silicon

    A lot of people use "Selleys Glass Silicone" for their aquariums. Bunnings usually stocks it. Below is the link http://www.selleys.com.au/Selleys-Glass-Si...ne/default.aspx I prefer to use "RHODORSIL V2 SILICONE" which can bought off ebay or any good lfs
  11. sofiko

    tank and cabinet builders in sydney

    MS Aquariums 7/1 Field Cl, Moorebank
  12. sofiko

    jaguars courting

    Very nice, Jason Thanks for the vid
  13. sofiko

    Tanks (Excellent quality)

    I'll be shopping around for a brand new display tank to be built (at least 8 foot long with corner weirs). In years gone by, aside from dimensions, I've left the rest to the the tankbuilder.....Maybe do things a bit differently this time around. Besides tank dimensions and glass thickness, what other features should I specify? In other words, what makes a quality built tank stand out from the rest?
  14. sofiko

    Tanks (Excellent quality)

    Hey guys....Can we stick to my original question??? The content seems to have drifted to recommended tankbuilders and cabinetmakers in the last several threads. I had my idea of who to get to build my next tank even BEFORE I started this post. My question was NOT "who" builds great tanks but "WHAT" makes a great tank (workmanship, strength, materials, etc....) MOST tankbuilders will always build you the perfect tank WHEN the customer knows exactly what he wants. Thanks to all who have given me great ideas about great tanks so far (Type of glass, good bracing, black silicon, quality slide lids, beveled edges and plumbing/holes in weirs)....Please keep it coming along those lines To anyone else who needs to know WHO builds the best tanks or cabinets - I suggest you either look to previous posts (There's been plenty of them....The "Search" function is your friend ); or start your own little post.
  15. sofiko

    Tanks (Excellent quality)

    I'm pretty big on getting great customer service as well as someone who I feel wants my business....I've no doubt the guy at Xtreme is a good tankmaker Up till now I've had Laurie (St George) build my new tanks and am leaning towards him fot the next one. While I'm very happy with the service and tanks, I just want to be better armed this time around. I've also heard many raves for the guy at San Souci (although, I hear he might be now retired).
  16. sofiko

    Tanks (Excellent quality)

    Hey Steve, thanks for the pics. Awesome setup. Very nice aquascaping and 3d panelling. Through good planning and hard work you’ll soon have a system that will totally blend into your living areas. It’s not all that far from perfect and like Bella – anyone would be mesmerised and enjoy looking at that setup. You’ve also got me now thinking about my tank and I need to plan beforehand: How to hide the weir, heaters, plumbing etc ; how to ensure there are no dead spots and how to setup to allow easy gravel cleans. Have’nt seen any but from your description I can imagine that black siliconed tanks look far better than clear ones (if it is done extremely well). I’m guessing these tanks don’t have the crappy plastic framing covering the vertical joints. Having seen some around, I’d have to agree with the others and say that slide lids are better than normal “lift off” lids, on so many levels. Need some further ideas on the actual tank build with regards to strengthening joints and reinforcement (8 x 2 base, 15mm)
  17. sofiko

    Tanks (Excellent quality)

    Thanks Josh. I was planning to have a weir, one in each back corner. And 2 drilled holes in each (for input and output). Thats another technical issue: Do I need to redirect each inflow far away from each weir? Does that mean 2 return pumps in the sump, one for each inflow? Is there a better alternative? Also, I was gonna plumb an eheim 2260 filter (with double taps), solely for mechanical filtration, either to the bottom or back. For water changes I would disconnect the filter and hook up a long hose to redirect to garden. Appreciate all the new ideas. Just wanna ensure I'll be happy with the end result and have'nt missed anything. Keep it coming
  18. sofiko

    Tanks (Excellent quality)

    Yeh. I think I know what you mean. It'd mean lids at least 2 ft long each in my case. Too awkward. I like the look of euro bracing with no lids. However, my fish can be skittish at times and take flight But thinking about it now, theres no need for lids as I'll have an enclosed hood (containing the lighting). So euro bracing is looking a lot better.
  19. sofiko

    Tanks (Excellent quality)

    Thanks Brett. Sounds good. A combo of looks and strength. If euro bracing can allow for lids, then I'll definitely consider it.
  20. sofiko

    Tanks (Excellent quality)

    My understanding: Euro bracing = wide perimeter bracing on top (and no cross bracing or bridges). Does euro bracing allow for lids? Again, is euro an aesthetics feature more suited to reef tanks or does it have structural/strengthening advantages over the norm?
  21. sofiko

    Tanks (Excellent quality)

    Thanks mrgreen. The heaters will be hidden away in the sump below. However, I plan to have the back painted black so I’ll be looking into LEXAN or Mark’s black acrylic panel. Pardon my ignorance…why black silicon? Another thing I noticed on previous tanks are bubbles in the silicon. Is this just aesthetics? Whatever, I’ll watch out this time around. Thanks Mark. Starfire panels …”Like it, Like it!” Bevelled edges, slide lids. All great suggestions. What about advice on the actual strengthening of the tank in terms of bracing and the like? Appreciate the input…Keep it coming
  22. sofiko

    Mr Hunky died

    My condolences... Sad to hear the loss of a beautiful fene. If you wish, I can give you another fene for free. He/she is 15cm and lots of colour.
  23. sofiko

    Tank Repair

    I have a 3x18x18 tank which is unused and stored outside, under cover. A nearby ladder fell over and caused this: I've repaired cracked tanks before but this is beyond a simple patch job. The front plane needs replacement. Can the smashed pane be cleanly separated from the rest of the tank? I'd rather not give up and get another tank. Alex
  24. sofiko

    Tank Repair

    Yeh, I read all those past posts too. Last week I tried both. Both the floss and various grades of fishing lines were continually being cut. No progress at all! Don't know what they're on about. I bought those razors the other night at Bunnings. Did'nt get a chance today but hopefully I'll give them a go sometime this week.