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  1. Lol... no ‘dear’ for me...not doing that again
  2. Got a phone call from them today... stuff is in its way Now, if only the tanks I ordered weeks ago were to get built ?
  3. Oh bugger... I finally ordered and paid yesterday... hopefully the stuff turns up
  4. As the title says...I’ve tried to order and call and email with no reply... are they still in business?
  5. Hi Mike,

    I think your inbox folder may be full, do you have any of the following available ?

    Red capped Lethrinops
    Yellow shoulder Lethrinops
    Lethrinops albus Kande Island


    Kindest Regards,


  6. Evening Noddy. Do you have any furcifers for sale?



  7. I wish the pictures were as nice as the real fish http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a378/Noddy65/th_MVI_1553_zpsas9gv7ne.mp4
  8. I keep mine in 2 x 1 x 1....even trios do well in there....lots of rocks and hiding places though.
  9. Shellies...footprint size is important though
  10. It will be interesting to see how things pane out.... Where is a place that isn't affected?...well...in many cases that's here...lots of fish diseases are here BECAUSE of the previous slack rules and theres many that are not here yet...I think theyre using Iridivirus as a flag ship....the same rules will keep lots of other diseases out. I get the Aquavetmed newsletter and there are lots of things that are not here that we do not want here. Personally I reckon things are not going to be as bad as the industry is making it out to be...but Ive been known to be wrong Mike
  11. I agree Buccal...but I wouldn't compare us to Europe, Asia, America...they have HUGE exotic disease issues and feral fish issues...usually imported because of lame import rules....I agree that because of our slack import laws many of the diseases are probably already here...but I think it's designed to try and keep others out... My understanding is that you can become a certified exporter into Aus after testing etc....I could be wrong though. This could also be seen as an opportunity for local producers....the smart people are already geared and ready to fill the hole. Will it drive some fish underground...absolutely...I think that already exists though.
  12. Hmmm...ok...heres bit of an outlier voice...I reckon we've been pretty lucky so far. I cant think of any other live IMPORT into Aus that isn't tested somewhere along the line (including pet dogs and cats) AND they usually have a quarantine period as well...so far we've been getting away with a pretty lame quarantine period only. Im not happy about it...but I reckon we've been getting away with pretty hopeless import requirements for a long time now. Just my 2 cents Mike
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