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  1. we hav got a 2 foot toga in my shop where i work and its got 2 silver sharks and like 4 silver dollers and theres no problem with the mix. i hav kept a toga with a large archer fish and some silver scats and had no prob with them either
  2. if u think its a male u could try and vent sex it thats the best way to heck koz iv seen some females before showing more color than the males so if u no how to vent sex do it
  3. thats a longfin blue ram slighty different to te bolivian butterfly ( ram ). i see them selling for around the $14.95 mark at my LFS
  4. iv found that a good addition t any planted tank r the new T5 lights. they are such a good unit compared to the old lights goen round. they areputting out the same amount of light as metal halides but are cheaper and less heat. iv seen them light up 3.5 foot deep tanks perfectly with no trouble. just think what one of these could do to a planted tank
  5. i work in a fish shop and i found if u start the young barra'son fish pellets and blood worms they will eat that but once u introduce live food they soon turn off the pellets and only want live foods
  6. iv heard sum storys down at work that many people put a small peice of copper pipe in the tank and the small levels of coppr kill the snails with out killing your fish. and lately more people hav said it works a treat.
  7. mark_1


    i kept yabbies for round 1 year and breed them quiet often. im unsure of witch is witch but how 2 sex them is to turn them ova and have a look on the underside of there body where the the legs attach and you should so 2 balls. now 2 be different sex the should be on a different row on legs. as u can c i havent kept them for a while so im unsure. when the get to 15+cm the should breed
  8. i feed all my cichlids tetra color bits. it does the job fine. and i also feed the bloodworms once every week or so
  9. il have to say texas there a super fish and even betta when in breeding mode
  10. mark_1

    what is it

    true but iv had a look at it and its still well over the 15cm mark most people say they grow 2. but i understand now wat u said by the tail and u made a good point
  11. if slate is hard to get u could use some river rocks.
  12. mark_1

    what is it

    iv been talken 2 my LFS and 1 of the guys who has breed all kinds of fish for years says that they do grow much bigger than 15cm. all the ones that he has seen have grown large round the 25cm+ mark up 2 round 30cm but that is round full grown theres something 2 think bout well heres someone who has some larger then what people think they grow to "FS: 3 x ~18cm featherfin catfish (Synodontis Eupterus) "Cory Fan""
  13. i use canisters and otto power filters
  14. mark_1

    what is it

    its surely over 25cm
  15. mark_1

    what is it

    ive had this catfish for around a yr now and he is well over the 25cm mark im just wondering how much bigger will he get and wat kind of catfish he is
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