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  1. I don't understand how this forum could get in trouble for deformation? if someone is accurately telling the truth stating that they got poor business from a fish store then they just have to deal with it.
  2. Yeah, i've purchased a few items from aqua life aquariums lately; their a pretty good online store and no hassle so far. But i tried emailing another online store the other day about a product and got no reply. You get some good some bad.
  3. not a lombardoi, has too many eggspots.
  4. Here's a really dodgy pic of her. Hard to get a good one, as she's behind the heater. It's hard to tell, but you can see she has a mouth full. Such a small fish to be breeding though, she hasnt even got her patented lombardoi shape yet but i am happy if she does breed though as she has good colouration around the head.
  5. I think its safe to say, at the start, they will be incredibly expensive.
  6. eekk...well this is long before schedule. Any tips on what i should do? i've never had a holding fish before
  7. A few days ago, i noticed that my smallest lombardoi (about 5cm) was being very, very timid hiding up in the corner of the tank behind my filter outlet. On closer inspection i noticed that her mouth was sorta bloated, as if she was holding. I'm not sure that it could be possible though, as she surely is not mature enough and nor would the male be (hes about 6-7cm). Does anyone know if this could be any kind of disease etc? i checked if she had a mouthfull of food, but i have not fed them for a day to make sure it wasn't that.
  8. I have a 3fter and have been doing 20% water changes straight from the tap, then add some treatment stuff afterwards; and i have never ever had a problem with fish dying on me.
  9. Was checking out the kind donaters of this months comp, tropical fish online. And noticed you can buy all types of fish species online and have them delivered to your home for only $11 (if you live within a major city). Fairly cheap fish prices aswell, as all are sold at about 4-6cm in length. Also noticed that they are selling Tropheus Duboisi for only $36, at lfs i have seen them being sold for $50. Are there any other types of sites like this? i realise most people like to select the fish they want. And would anyone here buy like this? btw, they have a good return policy
  10. I have to admit, i did have a small laugh to myself. But it's still cruel. There's a difference between an animal having the right to fight for its survival and what that video depicted of an animal simply being fed to another.
  11. You'll find more info on the net, so forget books.
  12. I'd call it.... 'le blue cichlid cafe'
  13. I'd say 3ft minimum as usual for all small-medium cichlids. But bigger the better.
  14. yeah, i can't really see too much of a problem with having fish in plastic containers. I would, if possible, have a thin layer of substrate just for entertainment and feeding. A hang on filter is probably best and make sure you have a small light aswell.
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