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  1. I did go back to them and they were able to drop $600 off, ill follow up from Western Sydney Aquariums tomorrow and then see who i want to put my money with. I did see that one, the tank is only a small part of it though, there is still the stand (the majority of the cost), sump etc
  2. OP did you end up getting a tank made, if so who did you go with? I visited Abyss during the week for a 5ft build and was actually shocked at the price ($3800 for tank, cabinet, sump, plumbing and delivery). So am reaching out to a few other recommendations to get quotes
  3. Thanks Matt & Bruce, good to know that Andrew will be able to sex them. Yes i understand that there is always the chance of a rouge male, just trying to do my research to reduce the chance of that happening. Thanks for calling out some of those other fish, i have bookmarked some. From my research you need to keep different looking fish, wouldnt 2 males of each peacock cause aggression? And yes, ill definitely post some photos once i start (hopefully have it up and running by the end of the year)
  4. Thankyou Link2Hell (interesting name by the way) Yes i will ensure that the tank has fully cycled before i start to introduce fish, i will be using media from my current smaller tank and will probably move some of the fish in (tetra community tank) to assist in the cycling this tank. Is it hard to find sexed cichlids, my concern is that if it is to be an all male tank it may be a bit of a mess if a female makes its way in. Sounds like Andrew is a must visit, i can start with pure strains whilst i get the tank started and can then add others in time as i find some trusted sellers
  5. Thanks Matt & Yanke. I have seen Andrew recommended a few times so i will be sure to go visit one day soon. Any idea of how many i would be able to put in my tank over time?
  6. Hi all. I'm in the middle of planning a 120g all male peacock/hap tank and im starting to put together a bit of a stocking list. The tank will be 60 long x 18 deep x 24 high with a 36" sump pushing turnover around 10 times an hour. What stocking levels would you recommend for this? I have had a look around and have bookmarked the below fish, seeking some guidance in regards to any that wont work and any additional ones that you recommend (im looking for a good mix of colour) BLUE PEACOCK Red Empress ALBINO PEACOCK AULONOCARA STEVENI BLUE NEON AULONOCARA KORNELIAE Electric Yellow LABIDOCHROMIS HONGI Melanochromis Maingano O.B. BLUEBERRY ZEBRA RED JACOBFREIBERGI FIREBIRD PEACOCK RED PEACOCK YELLOW PEACOCK Also, which aquariums/breeders would you recommend within Sydney (Im based in NW Sydney) Thanks Luke
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