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  1. Hi guys, thank you for all the feedback you’ve given me! I really appreciate being able to give my fish the home they deserve instead of a hunger games style environment to watch over as a glorified emperor while the fish fight to the death. I just finished the hardscape and wanted to share it as well to get your thoughts. There’s at least 4 hidey holes in between the rocks as it stands but the fish can dig through the sand and create new ones too I reckon. I’m thinking of throwing in a few empty shells as well in the foreground but I haven’t been able to find anything close to me yet. Will keep you posted on that one.
  2. Hi all, I'm gettting back into the aquarium hobby and recently purchased a 50x50x50cm aquarium with the intent to create a rocky hardscape to house african cichlids. After doing some research, I realised Africans are nothing like South American dwarf cichlids but did seem to have read something about Tangayikan cichlids being more suited to a community cichlid tank environment, given the dimensions of the tank. I was hoping there'd be some people here with more experience with these beautiful fish and could give me some suggestions on what and how many fish to stock the tank with. From my research I think shelldwellers are my best bet. I will be hardscaping with porous calcium rich rocks so to keep the Ph nice and high and provide the fish with plenty of hiding holes with a layout that will obscure parts of the tank for the fish to separate their territories. Thanks in advance for your advice :)) JV
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