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  1. Kieran


    Apologies LisaFahey, You were talking about the Duboisi, not the Tropheus. I'll try keep an eye on him, although, he seems really timid with the other bigger males. Anyone have any suggestions where I can get a black background? Best, Kieran
  2. Kieran


    Thanks all greatly appreciated. I'll add the pitch black background and see what thoughts are. Also, thanks for the tropheus advice. I've heard they are hard to keep, no issues so far but he's starting to change colour from a juvie. Wish I had a few more varied tropheus and less motley crew peakocks. Cheers K
  3. Kieran


    Hello, First time poster. I was wondering what people think of my 2 x 2 x 4ft tank. About 20 Malawi adults, a few fry, couple of bottom dwellers. Any advice on improvement would be appreciated. Photos taken when they hav just been fed, I've got about 4 Purigen bags and pillow stuffing in the sump. https://app.photobucket.com/u/Hyperborean86/p/1fc96f31-4b44-48a8-9b76 Cheers, Kieran
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