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  1. Lol.. just buy and get it delivered.. 🤪
  2. @AndrewM alot of people love NLS, Tropical, Ocean N and Dainichi fish food. I have used all except Dainichi, all seems to go well with the fish. NSL new macrobiotic food has great reviews .. one of very good Tropheus keepers I am friends with uses it and likes it too.. have a read and see Good luck with it all ..
  3. @AndrewM nice.. thanks for the details.. very informative..
  4. @MFF Thanks for the detailed response. It seems your tanks are well stocked. Most my tanks have 20 - 30 fish at the most.. both tanks are smaller than your tanks but from a bio load perspective stocked lot less. (275 - 300 l tanks) .. my new tank is a 450 l tank and planning to have 1 x FX4 and a 307 as a back up. Substrate would be aragonite coral sand. All my tanks have coral sand and lava rocks. All my canisters have plenty of seachem purigen, Matrix and carbon etc + sponges ..
  5. @AndrewM lol.. every wife think the same.. almost all my spare time is spent with my tanks (due to work I have very little time as is).. 😁 let us know what your dads take on the flow rates.. there is nothing better than years of experience from someone who has done it before 👏
  6. Howdy folks, At last the Cade arrived.. only took 3 months 😯.. Nonetheless have set it up and filled it.. now putting some rocks and sand etc to make it look good. Plan is to put some old tank water from the two established tanks and also add the filter that was running on my other tank to get the set up running.. hopefully clycle time would be shorter... will post an update bit later..
  7. @MFF Hey mate, how many fish in each cichlid tank ? Also how big are they ? Reason I am asking is I have 2 very well established Cichlid tanks and in the process of finishing off a 3rd. As mentioned earlier, I am probably over doing my filtaration so good to understand your set up.. Thank you.. 👍
  8. @AndrewM very interesting observations and testing. Thanks for posting this thought provoking post... I allways worry about my tank filtaration and my filters are full of alsorts of material. Dont forget substrate such as coral sand, lava rocks etc also works as biological filter material. Regardless please keep posting your observations and learnings .. very interested to learn more. 👍👍👍 PS - You must have been a bloody good science student at school 😂
  9. Hey there, What is the tank temperature ? I think mid to high 20's (celsius) would be the ideal for cichlids to breed form what I know with breeding Electric Yellow..
  10. Nice tank set up.. see lockdown is not all bad.. you get an opportunity to do things you like. Looking forward your next update ...
  11. Thanks Mick..that is brilliant.. Thanks very much for letting me know ..
  12. @mick19 Hey, Thank you for your reply. Do you mix your food (ie Morning one type and in the afternoon another) or do you normally do one type for a few weeks and change to the next ? I have 3 types in my tanks.. Tropheus Moorii Blue rainbow, Moorii Chipimbi and Moliro Red .. only had them for few months to a few weeks. Alos I have 6 Petro Yellow Mushi. Cheers M
  13. @Link2Hell Thanks mate.. trying to understand the best mix of food I can feed my T’s and Petros.
  14. @pride Thanks for the replay mate .. I nearly bought some of these rocks (only reason I did not buy them was because I am only getting my tank next week - that's another story waited for nearly 3 months) .. Obviously fake stuff always have some drawbacks .. I will go with the dragon rocks and the other natural stuff I have .. Good luck with the fry ..
  15. Hey @adamgatt Thanks for that mate... I am trying to figure out the best way to feed my fish.. Tropheus are notorious with issues such as bloat .. so trying to figure out the best cause of action. I feed my fish NLS as well. Its good ..
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