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  1. been down that road... and about to step foot down it again 😄
  2. even with facebook not allowing trading/selling of live animals and gumtree putting a price tag on any sale of aquarium related items, still so quite on here. start posting links to the ACE forums Lads/Lass! miss the good old days where you get 20-30 post/replies on a slow day 🤕
  3. 😭😭😭 was looking forward to the one in moorebank!
  4. great ideas, thanks for that. they are all sitting in DIY fry saver at the moment will be putting them in 2 foot tanks soon.
  5. gotta start setting up more tanks now ahaha got different size fry... and more females holding!
  6. i was told to move them to 2footer when they reach about 2cm... and then to a even bigger tank when they are around 3-4cm which will boost their growth?
  7. hey guys, was wondering whats the best way to raise fry? i got some that are around 1cm which is currently floating on top in the parents breeder tank. was wondering if i should move it to a 2 footer on its own or should i move it to a even bigger tank? was told that they grow faster in bigger tanks, just dont know if it really applies to fry that are this size. maybe only applies to when they are like 3-4cm? thanks in advance.
  8. off they go into a bucket with portable air pump and on my lap the whole way. its been 3 days in new tank and have not lost a single fry 😄 HORRAY
  9. will do. always have prime ready 😄 thanks for the input
  10. didnt think of that but will definately do it... every little bit helps.. thanks for the advise
  11. yeah i am aware the procedure of transporting fish. just wondering if theres any tricks for small fry... only 1cm
  12. would it be better to just put them in a bucket rather then bag? and run portable airpump?
  13. never knew there was a portable heater... i'll let him know.
  14. i had a tank full of multifasciatus and leptosoma utinta back in the day.... they coexist very well with the multis taking the bottom half and the leptosomas taking top half... tank was very cool with always something happening 😄 a new landscape everyday
  15. got a mate whos moving houses soon and has like 2-300 fry of different types... eletric blues, electric yellows and blue dolphins.. all at like 1cm.. wonder if they will make the 1hr move... any tips on minimizing stress/keeping them alive? haha
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