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  1. Citypainter

    Oldest Red devil

    Thanks Ged Looks pretty good for his age. Better than mine
  2. Citypainter

    Oldest Red devil

    Thanks Yanke I don't think mine will. But good to know
  3. Citypainter

    Oldest Red devil

    Hi guys. I have 13 yo Red devil. He would be the Labiatus X Citronellis from years gone by He is starting to show signs of his age. He still wants to kill everyone and everything but stops before the glass and sinks to the bottom and stays there with a death stare rather than hitting the glass continuously. How old do these guys usually live? I think he is near his use by date
  4. Citypainter

    american id

    They look like Coatzacolcos. I noticed that you have Africans in with them. What is your Ph? When in breeding dress these fish change. Then if they are in a high Ph to suit Africans they will also change their looks.
  5. Citypainter

    Fish suitable for outdoor pond

    How about some Yabbies and Perch?
  6. Citypainter

    a strange discovery

    I wonder if it was the protein of eating wrigglers that cured the sickness?
  7. Citypainter

    large cichlids

    My fave large African is Fossochromis Rostratus. But once again Malawi's These fish have character
  8. Citypainter

    How would you fill 168Ls?

    4 blue Arcaras, 2 silver sharks, 1 eupterous catfish, and 1 male Rivulatus
  9. Citypainter

    American cichlids, what do you keep?

    I am glad that this conversation isn't about Africans. The locations change every week.
  10. Citypainter

    American cichlids, what do you keep?

    I large male Red Devil and 1 35cm+ banded leporinus
  11. Citypainter

    is it normal for tiger oscars

    No it's not normal. Probably a bit sick. Look in the FAQ and you will see how to cure him, but do it fast. Cheers
  12. Citypainter

    Fish ID

    The vertical stripethrough the eye when in spawning mode definately points to Brasilliensis
  13. Citypainter

    Breeding Gambusia as feeders?

    If you wanted to see Gambusia in the wild they are under the bridge at the bottom of Mars road, Padstow. Also in the creek behind the bowling club at Revesby on Uranus Rd.
  14. Citypainter

    Garage floor paint

    BFJ is correct. But first do this test. 1) Drop some water on the floor and see if it beads up. If it does your floor is not porous enough for the paint to hold. If that happens acid etch with sulfuric acid mixed at 20:1 with water then gerni it. 2) If the floor is relatively clean and does not bead up then that should mean that the water was absorbed into the concrete. If that happen you can now choose your paint. If it is only foot traffic then you probably won't need a 2-pack, (Even thogh it is without doubt the best) 3) Berger jet dry is probably adequate but as BFJ says add some fine sand. (Parchem and colourmaker both have these sands in small quantities) I beleive its Silica sand) A 4lt is about $80.00 4) The other way to go is driveway sealer. a 20lt is about $200 and it will last longer but will smell stronger and take longer to dry. I hope that helps.
  15. Citypainter

    cichild to go with my saratoga leichardti

    Don't underestimate Featherfin catfish. They are very teritorial and don't like to share hiding spots. they will kill by barging and butting their victims. free swimmers are safe. Catfish and hiding cfichlids need to be able to hold their own with these strong and tank like catfish.