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  1. Been a few years since I have kept fish, and recently returned to the hobby. Was unsure which way to go and saw a colony of saulosi on gumtree which looked nice and colorful, and the tank I bought was about the right size. The picture below is shortly after setup, cycling, and introduction. Since i have changed a bit. That being said around a month ago the first female started holding, 3 of the 6 females followed suit, and late last week fry started appearing throughout my tank. If i had to guess there must be 40-60 in the tank by now, 2 females still to spit. What do I do from here, the fry have lots of hiding spaces and are growing well, largest over 10mm, smallest around 5. How many can I expect to sell through gumtree ads, and what about the rest. Aside from Gumtree where else should i post, when they finally get to size I knew that buying a breeding colony would result in breeding, who knew it would be so succesful, my previous experiences with bn cats and angels breeding had such low survival rates in a community tank that too many was never an issue. Thanks in Advance Garry
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