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  1. I’ve converted my 400L salt water tank to fresh, 3 weeks into the cycle and the nitrite isn’t breaking down, above 5ppm. I’m conducting a fishless cycle, reused media balls and introduce new noodles. Used stabiliser as per the instructions, 40kg of holey rock on a sand substrate. Last week I added bacteria, prior to adding the bacteria I’ve completed 2 water changes im not sure what more to do, should I be more patient? I was expecting the cycle to be ready after 7 days.
  2. Hi everyone, for those using a sump, Id like to get thoughts on plants, sponges, media, anything else that goes in there to help maintain levels? im currently running an aqua reef 400, converted from a marine tank and cycling it now. I’ve got, filter sock, heaters, huge pond sponge, media balls. Seems to be cycling well.
  3. Thanks Skippy, everything I’ve read says if they are introduced large it will make it harder to introduce more large fish as they’ll be more territorial.
  4. My new tanks cycle is almost complete, converted from salt to fresh water. 400L tank. Should I introduce the cichlids small or grown?
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