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    German Blue Ram tank stocking advice?

    Thank you so much for the advice, @Link2Hell! I will try to maintain a neutral water pH and keep up a schedule of 20% twice a week when I set it up. Plants sound great, I can propagate my existing anubias too, nice! I'm eyeing these two tanks at the moment: 130L (https://www.petbarn.com.au/fish/aquariums-stands/horizon-130-glass-starter-kit-w-stand-130l-90x36x42) and 180L (https://www.petbarn.com.au/fish/aquariums-stands/horizon-182-glass-starter-kit-stand-182l-120x36x45). They apparently come with a filter but I might upgrade to another sponge filter or hang-on filter since there are no specifications on what filter is in the kit. Lighting used will likely be a low watts one, since I'm not aiming to make plants grow faster. If there's any cheaper tanks somewhere I'd have to take a look. (Irrelevant, but also thinking of getting a 50L as a quarantine / aquascape tank) My relatives have some water storage drums that they should be able to spare. This is a dumb question but... what do I need them for? Making it easier for water changes?
  2. Hello, there! I'm new to this community, so please do tell me if I'm posting in the wrong place. I am aiming to loosely imitate the Venezuelan basin biotope, and was wondering if any species in my plan is incompatible, or if any other species are recommended. I am concentrating on the german blue rams, I just love their beautiful colours and iridescence! Below are all the species I plan to stock for a long 50-150L tank: Blue Ram x2-5 (any good breeders?) Note! I am not aiming to breed rams - is an all female community fine; or must they have one male and others female; an all males group will fight I assume? Cardinal Tetra x10-20 AND/OR Rummynose Tetra x10-20 Pygmy Corydoras x6-10 Apistogramma x2-6 (Should tank be larger as they may be territorial against rams? Any species in particular which will match my planned setup - temps, pH, tankmates?) Pleco x1-4 (Any species that is small, beautiful and not too hard to come by? There are too many L numbers for me) Water changes (I am unsure what a good schedule will be, 25% weekly? Also, any recommended gravel vacs or such? My current method of cleaning tanks would not fit a large tank) pH: 5-7 (Is there a way to maintain pH without using chemicals which may cause too much swing? Would driftwood be enough?) Temperature (C): 26-29 If you happen to also know any low maintenance plants that can be grown in this setup, please do tell me! My current knowledge of plants is rather small, so the only species I could think of was anubias. Any help, advice and recommendations will be very much appreciated, thank you!