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  1. Where is everyone

    Hi guys. Is there any reason why this site is so quiet these days? Has the African cichlid hobby slowed down or gone out of fashion? Is there another forum everyone has gone to?
  2. Beginner question about water prep

    You can prepare it separately in a tub if you wish, less chance of mucking something up and possibly shocking the fish although a lot more stuffing around.
  3. Beginner question about water prep

    I do 50% water changes weekly in a 6x2x2. I just add a hose straight to the tank with the same temperature water. First I turn off the filters, add Safe, turn water on, slowly add 80grams of bi-carb soda for my KH & pH, slowly add 50grams Aquasonic Rift Lake conditioner for my GH. Been doing this for years with good success My pH is 8.1, KH is 12, GH is 10 and it stays there till my next water change. Note the bi-carb and rift conditioner is mixed separately in a 1 litre container first. You can use Seachem Malawi buffer for you ph/KH and Seachem lake salt for your GH if your budget allows.
  4. Glass thickness 8x2.5x2

    Cheers thanks for that. That seems quite reasonable considering the good workmanship they do.
  5. Glass thickness 8x2.5x2

    Do you mind me asking how much did that cost you?
  6. Glass thickness 8x2.5x2

    Your tank builder is correct. 2 foot high is usually 10mm and 2.5 foot high is usually 12mm.
  7. Fish id required

    First pic is an OB Fuelleborni Second pic is hard to tell with the lighting but possibly an Acei
  8. Lighting

    You can buy LED strip lighting that comes on a roll off eBay. It’s sticky on the back so you can just stick it where ever you want. It’s cheap to buy and very cheap to run.
  9. Filtration for a 6x2x2.5

    So one outlet over the top and the other outlet through the base at the same side of the tank? The intakes the same at the other end? Ive got a similar setup with 2 canisters, although ive got 4 holes plumbed through the base. In and out at one end of the tank and same on the other side. I’ve kept the pipes low in the tank so they are not so visible.
  10. Filtration for a 6x2x2.5

    I would put both of the outlets in one corner facing length ways and put a wave maker in the opposite corner facing length ways also, trying to create a somewhat circular flow in the tank. All facing up for agitation.
  11. All in one aquariums - any good?

    I've still got an Aqua one aquarium up and running for years. It looks good and simple to maintain. It would be good for a breeding setup although if your going to jam pack it with cichlids as a display tank then probably not as the filter is only good for a small bio load. It's more of a beginners/starter aquarium.