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  1. adamgatt

    Lake Tanganyika Cichlids and breeders

    Some nice big tanks you've got there to fill! You can't go wrong visiting Andrew at Labyrinth either. I've got the below available if you're interested: Neolamprologus Pulcher Daffodil Neolamprologus Mustax Julidochromis Regani Neolamprologus Multifasciatus
  2. adamgatt

    Lake Tanganyika Cichlids and breeders

    Hi Matt There's a few around that breed Tangs. I think you should do some research and figure out the kind of tangs you are interested in first and then go from there trying to source them. There's a wide such a wide variety in Tangs. I'm personally interested in the shellies, neos and julies. Other's are into the altos, sand sifters, tropheus, leptos, etc.
  3. adamgatt

    Tanks pics

    Here's a few of my better shots.
  4. adamgatt

    Tanks pics

    Very nice, Bruce! You''ve got some nice tangs there. I'll try to take a few shots and add them in too.
  5. adamgatt

    New Member from Sydney (Rouse Hill)

    Welcome, Matt. I'm not interested in keeping the bigger fish myself such as Frontosa but they are a nice looking fishing.
  6. adamgatt

    Getting my tank up and running again

    I agree with Skippy too. In my experience: I have java ferns, anubias and java moss in some of my tanks. They only get lights for ~3 hours a day (el cheapo eBay LED lights) and they have grwon well and healthy. No Co2 or special substrate or additives either. I agree with what Skippy said too re neons. Might be hard but keep a lookout for someone trying to offload a group of tetras/neons on Gumtree or Petlink. If you can pickup a school from a fishkeeper rather than an LFS chances are that they have had them for a while which would have done the weeding out of poor genetics/disease for you. Again agree with Skippy. I had 3 german blue rams with a school of 20 neons in a 2 foot tank for ~9 months without any problems. Right now I have i have guppies and endlers with some apistogramma in 2 foot tanks without any issues either. The sunlight will help with your plants. Agree again re common bristlenose. They're great at cleaning algae, but they do produce a fair bit of waste themselves.
  7. Glad he is OK. Can't wait for it. 😁
  8. adamgatt

    Leaf litter for dwarf americans

    Pretty happy finding fry after only 2 weeks of getting them. 😎
  9. adamgatt

    Leaf litter for dwarf americans

    Awesome. I might try getting a few for a spare tank and see how they go.
  10. adamgatt

    Leaf litter for dwarf americans

    Thanks, Chris. I'd love to grab a few off you. I'll fix you up for them on the night.
  11. adamgatt

    Leaf litter for dwarf americans

    Thanks, Sicj. Very interesting. On a side note do you leave your shrimp outside all year round? From what I briefly read about cherry shrimp a while back I thought they were very delicate with temperature? Is that not really the case? I couldn’t help myself on the weekend and I picked up some apistogramma pairs for the tanks. I’m enjoying observing them, might need to make room for another tank or 2 for some more. 😎
  12. adamgatt

    Leaf litter for dwarf americans

    Thanks all for your responses. I will have to keep a lookout at parks, etc nearby for them. Skippy, I thought the same thing as you re eucalyptus oil in gum leaves which is why I posed the question. I actually put some in a tank for 2 days before posting and put the canaries (guppies) in to see if it would effect them but it didn't. I put them in for water parameters, but also because I like the effect it has on the breaking up the lighting in the tank when they are scattered floating on top. They sunk after 24 or so hours though.
  13. Hi all I have reset a few of my tang tanks as I want to venture into dwarf americans. 😎 I am setting up 3 american tanks and plan on getting rams and apistos. I want to add some leaf litter for water parameters and also decoration, however, I am looking for something more economical than buying almond leaves. Does anyone know if using gumtree leaves and bark will have a negative impact on water quality? Cheers!
  14. adamgatt

    NSWCS MAJOR AUCTION 2nd November 2019

    Yeah there were. 😉 The black calvus and catfish seemed to steal the show.
  15. adamgatt

    NSWCS MAJOR AUCTION 2nd November 2019

    Hasn't been a club auction in a few months. I'm hoping that this will result in some better quality / less prolific species coming through. Anyone planning on bringing anything new through?