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  1. adamgatt

    Lepidiolamprologus attenuatus

    Hi Martb How big is the tank you are putting them in? I've got 6 attenuatus in a 3x3 community with a variety of other tangs as below and aggression has been minimal: 2 x cylindricus 2 x walteri 2 x leleupi 6 x black calvus 2 x buescheri Just make sure you provide enough structure for the amount of fish. Mine are starting to call a few shells home.
  2. adamgatt

    Cycling tank - Nitrite won’t break Dow

    I've only had fish for about 18 months so not as experienced as others here but pretty much all of my tanks took 6 weeks to cycle, and most had a nitrite spike during the 4th week.
  3. adamgatt

    A Walk Down Memory Lane

    I have only been keeping cichlids since the beginning of the year but I have family that's had them for years. My uncle and cousins had cichlids throughout my early childhood so I used to see their fish often. Only thing I can remember though is my uncle's big red devil. I also remember going to Campsie aquarium a few times and seeing some massive fish in a display tank. First fish I got as a kid were some goldfish, shubunkins and koi in a pond my old man made in the backyard about 25 years ago (it's still running). I remember going to a house in Granville just off Woodville road. An old bloke lived there and had concrete ponds everywhere. We stocked the pond from there. About 12 months ago I decided I wanted to setup a fish tank so I got a cheap tank off gumtree and bought some peppermints, neons and german blue rams. That kept me happy for a couple months until my uncle and cousin talked me into going to the February meeting with them earlier this year and I learnt about tanganyikans. I've now got 17 tanks running in the garage.
  4. adamgatt

    NSWCS October Major Auction

    Hi Yanke. Yes, I got your lot of 3 at an auction a few months ago. I also have a couple John (intern1) bred.
  5. adamgatt

    NSWCS October Major Auction

    6 October. Any neolamp I don’t already have. ?
  6. adamgatt

    raffle list

    Well done to the committee and all involved on a great raffle. Thanks for the effort! I'm new to the hobby and that was a great way for me to get some new fish.