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  1. adamgatt

    Leaf litter for dwarf americans

    Awesome. I might try getting a few for a spare tank and see how they go.
  2. adamgatt

    Leaf litter for dwarf americans

    Thanks, Chris. I'd love to grab a few off you. I'll fix you up for them on the night.
  3. adamgatt

    Leaf litter for dwarf americans

    Thanks, Sicj. Very interesting. On a side note do you leave your shrimp outside all year round? From what I briefly read about cherry shrimp a while back I thought they were very delicate with temperature? Is that not really the case? I couldn’t help myself on the weekend and I picked up some apistogramma pairs for the tanks. I’m enjoying observing them, might need to make room for another tank or 2 for some more. 😎
  4. adamgatt

    Leaf litter for dwarf americans

    Thanks all for your responses. I will have to keep a lookout at parks, etc nearby for them. Skippy, I thought the same thing as you re eucalyptus oil in gum leaves which is why I posed the question. I actually put some in a tank for 2 days before posting and put the canaries (guppies) in to see if it would effect them but it didn't. I put them in for water parameters, but also because I like the effect it has on the breaking up the lighting in the tank when they are scattered floating on top. They sunk after 24 or so hours though.
  5. Hi all I have reset a few of my tang tanks as I want to venture into dwarf americans. 😎 I am setting up 3 american tanks and plan on getting rams and apistos. I want to add some leaf litter for water parameters and also decoration, however, I am looking for something more economical than buying almond leaves. Does anyone know if using gumtree leaves and bark will have a negative impact on water quality? Cheers!
  6. adamgatt

    NSWCS MAJOR AUCTION 2nd November 2019

    Yeah there were. 😉 The black calvus and catfish seemed to steal the show.
  7. adamgatt

    NSWCS MAJOR AUCTION 2nd November 2019

    Hasn't been a club auction in a few months. I'm hoping that this will result in some better quality / less prolific species coming through. Anyone planning on bringing anything new through?
  8. adamgatt

    Replacement 5ft Light

    Hi guys I bought some cheap 4 foot led lights off eBay about 18 months ago now and no regrets. I have 'Beamworks' and 'Aquarien Eco' brand. Both branded units seem to be identical, only difference was the power adaptor/cabling. I went with only the white/blue led units. Family members have also bought the same off eBay and are happy with it too. My cousin has been running the full colour spectrum ones on his setup for a few months and they look great. See his lights in action:
  9. adamgatt

    NSWCS meeting 7/9/19

    Hey Skippy Those that didn't attend missed out. I really enjoyed it even though I am not into americans. Good job to committee for bringing him in!
  10. Hi Gary Welcome back to the hobby. I will be interested to hear what others have to say about moving fish on too. I am relatively new to the hobby and have an abundance of fish I need to move on. I don't have the patience to deal with scumtree so I have refrained from using it so far.
  11. adamgatt

    Monster Fish Raffle this Saturday

    Hey Paul. How many tanks did you have to setup when you got home for all of your winnings? 🤣🤣
  12. adamgatt

    Lepidiolamprologus attenuatus

    Hi Martb How big is the tank you are putting them in? I've got 6 attenuatus in a 3x3 community with a variety of other tangs as below and aggression has been minimal: 2 x cylindricus 2 x walteri 2 x leleupi 6 x black calvus 2 x buescheri Just make sure you provide enough structure for the amount of fish. Mine are starting to call a few shells home.
  13. adamgatt

    Cycling tank - Nitrite won’t break Dow

    I've only had fish for about 18 months so not as experienced as others here but pretty much all of my tanks took 6 weeks to cycle, and most had a nitrite spike during the 4th week.
  14. adamgatt

    A Walk Down Memory Lane

    I have only been keeping cichlids since the beginning of the year but I have family that's had them for years. My uncle and cousins had cichlids throughout my early childhood so I used to see their fish often. Only thing I can remember though is my uncle's big red devil. I also remember going to Campsie aquarium a few times and seeing some massive fish in a display tank. First fish I got as a kid were some goldfish, shubunkins and koi in a pond my old man made in the backyard about 25 years ago (it's still running). I remember going to a house in Granville just off Woodville road. An old bloke lived there and had concrete ponds everywhere. We stocked the pond from there. About 12 months ago I decided I wanted to setup a fish tank so I got a cheap tank off gumtree and bought some peppermints, neons and german blue rams. That kept me happy for a couple months until my uncle and cousin talked me into going to the February meeting with them earlier this year and I learnt about tanganyikans. I've now got 17 tanks running in the garage.
  15. adamgatt

    NSWCS October Major Auction

    Hi Yanke. Yes, I got your lot of 3 at an auction a few months ago. I also have a couple John (intern1) bred.