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  1. I'm trying not to be so pessimistic about it. The fish I got were in great condition when I got them, so for me I think it is something I did (or didn't do) for the extra bit of care they need compared to my other fish.
  2. Hi Paul You're not on your own mate. Around Christmas i bought 10 beautiful rams off Andrew. They were the best quality rams I had ever seen. They were going great for the first 6 or so weeks and then I lost 1 unexpectedly. Then another 3 or so weeks later, then another 3 or 4 weeks, and the pattern continued. I ended up loosing them all after 6 months. They just slowly withered away on me 1 by 1, would always look skinny and never grew. I also had them mixed with apisto trifasciata and the apistos were fine and were spawning. I also bought 6 electric blue rams which I also thought were top quality. Same thing happened with them (in a different tank) which i had apistogramma cacatuoides growing out in. Same thing, i eventually lost them all too after 7 months. My water parameters always checked out and I never skipped my weekly maintenance. Only thing that I really neglected was water hardness (I don't have an RO unit, nor hardness test kit). Driftwood + almond leaves used to make my pH sit around 6.8.
  3. Hi JV Lovely looking tank. Now that I have seen the scape, I would suggest a pair of one of the step breeding cichlids as the way to go. IMO too much of the footprint has been taken up by the rocks to accommodate shellies + a rock dweller. I recommend a pair of any Brichardi complex cichlids as the way to go.
  4. Hi JV Welcome to the forum! You've got a few options with a tank of that size. Personally, if that was my only tank I'd be stocking it with Neolamprologus Multifasciatus (a Tanganuikan shellie). Once the Multi colony establishes and breeds it will feel like a community itself. If you wanted a variety of species though, you might get away with having a shellbed on one side for the Multis and a small rock pile on the other for a pair of small rockdwellers if you weren't too worried about losing the Multi fry. Julidochromis Ornatus might be a suitable option. The tank size is a bit tight though, so you might have to watch the rockdwellers if they start to pair up.
  5. Yeah fair enough! I suppose if the Council (Wife) would approve my DA for a tank in the house I'd explore the higher end options too. 30kg dragonstone and that light should look pretty epic. What colour substrate are you going with?
  6. Thanks guys. Still have some work to do with tidying up cabling and hoses and hiding lighting but it's almost there. 😁
  7. Nice set up Bruce. Nice colour on the leleupi!
  8. Might be a silly suggestion, but could you just flick one of the heaters off at the power point in summer, halving your heating? Maybe that'll be enough to not need to adjust the dial on the other one? If still too hot with only 1 heater on in summer, could you buy a third heater with the dial set for summer and only turn that on in summer? And maybe the third summer heater might prop it up enough for you in winter too?
  9. Nice looking light. Don't like the look of the price tag though. Ouch. I have been using El cheapo LEDs off ebay for a couple of years now and I have been happy with them. I recently needed a few more for my new room however with covid there wasn't much stock on ebay and what was there was now triple what I paid for it 2 years ago. As a result I bought a few spotlights from bunnings to give them a try. They're doing the job so far. Can't wait to see your whole set up running!
  10. Don't leave us hanging. What did you pick up? 😀
  11. Hey Frosty I like to give my fry a variety of foods to make sure they are getting everything they need. I give baby brine, microworms, frozen rotifers and crushed pellets. I alternative what I give every feed.
  12. Hey guys My cousin did a video tour of my new fishroom a few weeks back. Check it out and subscribe to his channel if you're interested. I've setup the remaining tanks since these videos were recorded.
  13. I personally wouldn't be mixing them together. From my limited time having fish i understand there is some uncertainty around the albino form of some species, and whether they are true albino or have been cross bred with something else to get the albino gene.
  14. That's the fun bit, mate! I have 1 tank in my new room that I am yet to decide what to get for it. Only a bristlenose in it at the moment.
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